Toni & Guy Classic Shine Gloss Serum and the Forgotten Styling Product

Have you tried anything from the Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe?

Wow I never realised I had been getting glossybox since 2013!!!!! How the time (and the boxes) fly! Does anybody else remember this limited edition serum? The collaboration between the fabulous Lulu Kennedy and Toni & Guy occurred over a year a go, and yet it's just over the past week I plucked this from my stash. I have a lot of shine products and this one has just been overlooked until now!

So the packaging....Whilst this limited edition one is no longer available, the original packaging is just as gorgeous, in fact I prefer the simple but sleek look it has. The muted grayish purple is a lovely colour and looks really classy, the bottle is plastic, but it feels strong and of good quality. I personally need at least 2 pumps, if not more for my hair, it's mid to fine in thickness but it's quite long and reaches half way down my back.

Do you remember the Lulu Kennedy packaging?

The serum smells clean, in fact it smells just like a hair salon. If you do not like synthetic products, this one will not be for you, it's full of silicons and even contains alcohol. Although this doesn't put me off the product, I would like to see more natural products making a feature. I can't deny that's it's quite a nice serum, it absorbs nicely and defiantly makes the hair more glossy than it was before. It's not a heavy and my hair does look and feel better after using, but for me, this is a product I would use for styling rather than hair maintenance. I haven't really noticed and big improvement in my hair quality since I've been using the serum and I think there are better products out there for everyday use.

Personally I'm not going to buy this product again, but I won't be throwing it out either. It does it's job of controlling frizz and providing shine, but I feel there are nicer products that work well for both styling and hair maintenance. Then again this serum is only £7.19/30ml which is a decent price considering the brand name and the quality. I suppose you can't expect miracles at that price, so if you are on more of a budget and looking for a quick fix for nights out etc, this may be something to consider. You can find the serum and more of the range on the website.


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