Aveda Hydrating Lotion and the Never Ending Bottle

Have you tried anything from Aveda?

Last Saturday me and my sister had a lovely facial at Aveda to celebrate Earth Day 2015, a fantastic cause that funds clean water projects around the world. With spring weather being gorgeous the garden smells of lavender so it's the perfect time to talk about Aveda's amazing hydrating lotion!

First of all I want to mention the size and the price. It's £34 which is a fairly expensive moisturiser, but take in to account it's 150ml, you will find it's a real bargain. Especially since you need to use so little. I'm not kidding when I say this will last for ages, I've been using it most mornings and nights  and it's still going after a year and a half!!!! (don't worry it has a long expire date).Lets talk about the bottle. There not much that excites me really, its a green herby colour and quite boring other than that. However what I really like about it is the pump application. It's much more hygienic than the pots you dip you finger in so I can be sure this moisturiser is germ free. I'm not sure how travel friendly it is though, the bottle is thick plastic and the lid is on tight, BUT the only way to lock the pump is to twist it and it doesn't even click into place. Hmmmmm.

Do you like lavender scented skin products?

The lotion contains coconut and jojoba oil that provides amazing hydration and can help to repair and protect the skin. Lander is also well known for tackling acne as it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, but it can also help with ageing by boosting circulation and increasing blood flow to the skin. Of course it also associated with relaxation and aromatherapy. From the look of the bottle I was expecting some sort of magic swamp liquid to mysteriously ooze from the pump, however the reality was a silky white fluid with a very strong sent of lavender. 

It's an all natural product and all those essential oils are very evident, the product is perfect for massaging into the skin and gives a relaxing aroma. The lotion spreads really far over the skin, one pump is enough to cover both my face and neck and provide enough hydration to stop my combination skin from flaking 'ewww!' If you have drier skin you may need to use a little more product as it's not very thick but it does absorb very easily, and provides the perfect base for makeup. Personally I can not recommend this product enough! It lasts ages and is great value for money, but more importantly it make my skin feel soft, supple and hydrated. As it is full of essential oils I would recommend trying this first to see how your skin reacts, it may be problematic for oily skin types.  

You can buy it from the Aveda website for £34 (They also do 500ml for £87, great for the family bathroom!!!!) I really applaud Aveda and the work they are doing for the environment, at my facial I bought the Light the Way candle for my boyfriends mum, not only does it smell amazing (vanilla and cinnamon), 100% of the £16 goes to charity!


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