Neäl & Wølf Glow Super Shine Spray and the Super Sexy Hair

Have you tried luxury hair care by Neäl & Wølf?

Neäl & Wølf was created by Neil Capstick, who essentially after much experience and research, has created everything you could want in a hair care/styling brand! The brand claim to balance glamour, effectiveness and affordability, and although I have only tried one product, I have been incredibly impressed with it!

The Glow Super Shine Spray comes in a pearly white bottle with a spray application, it's nothing too fussy, they have a gorgeous font in a beautiful plum colour. It's simple and minimalistic, it could be more luxurious but that would bump up the cost, so as far as I am concerned the packaging is perfect!

The spray has an absolutely amazing fragrance that reminds me of Geurlain Insolence (I reviewed a few days ago), the scent has been created by a perfume house responsible behind some of the worlds finest fragrance (although I have no idea which one!) If it is the same scent as their hair perfume, it's contains floral notes of blossom, lily and orchid and more oriental notes of  white thyme, saffron  y-lang y-lang, and vanilla that make it light, exciting and sexy!

Do you like fragrances in your hair products?

You really don't need much of this to get an amazing result, a couple of spritz and your hair looks like it belongs in a glossy magazine! It says it has a unique formula free of sulphate, paraben's etc that weigh down the hair, the ingredients list isn't that long and there is nothing that truly stands out. The main ingredient is Cyclopentasiloxane, which is basic a silicone and makes the hair soft and silky. Although it does contain perfume, I have found that this in no way effects the quality of the product. Not only does this deliver long lasting super shine, it is one of those invisible products that makes the hair look and feel so natural, that if it wasn't for the amazing smell people would believe that your hair was always that glossy! 

As well as shine and smell, the hair feels so much softer and looks more healthy and less frizzy. I don't use this everyday but I imagine if you did it would really help to improve the quality of your hair overtime. The brand and product have been created for luxury daily use so I will have to give it a try!

Overall I can not recommend this product enough, at £12.50/100ml I think it is being sold at a great price point. It is by far the best shine spray I have tried and compared to other luxury brands £12.50 for amazing results and fantastic scent is something I can stomach. I am going to have to try more from this brand...I have my eye on the volumising lotion and heat protection on their website! If your interested in this product, you can find it for £8.08 on Beauty Bay which is fantastic


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