Benefit ChaCha Tint and the End of Lipstick Prints

Have you tried any Benefit tints?

With the weather slowly getting warmer, I'm beginning to break back into the brighter colours like corals. The Benefit Cha Cha Tint is the ultimate summer colour for me! It's described as a mango tinted stain with a sunset hue, could it sounds more tropical?

The tint can be used on both lips and cheeks, but the truth is I do not like multi-use products. Other bloggers praise there connivence and value, but I just can't get my head around using something on both your cheeks and lips, it just seems so unhygienic.

Benefit Cha Cha Tint falls into this category, for me its an amazingly pigmented lip colour that both bold and brilliant. Built up to it's full potential the colours seems more red than pink, especially in photographs, but there is a hint of an orange undertone that keeps the colour vibrant and tropical.

The product looks and applies just like nail varnish!

As always the packaging is super fun and cute, just ad you would expect from Benefit. Lets talk about the super fun bottle. the metallic orange base with streams of coral ribbons and a white cap reminds me of eating sweets in summer. A lot of people have mistaken the bottle for nail varnish, I have had some very confused looks when applying this. The applicator is basically the same as a nail polish brush, I'm personally not a fan, I don't feel it gives the precision needed for such a pigmented lip product and also find it tickles!!!!

Would you wear on lips or cheeks?

As for the formula, it's really light and watery. It's quite cooling to apply but drys very quickly, which is one of the reasons I don't like putting it on my cheeks, especially directly. I find using the benefit 3 stripes method leave me with faint lines that don't budge no matter how much blending. Despite the quick drying time, it's very comfortable to wear on both lips and cheeks, and doesn't dry the skin out. Best of all it does not budge! Drink lemonade, eat ice cream, have a cheeky kiss and best of all don't, worry about leaving an imprint.

Over all I think it's a great product for lips, a bright colour that does not budge. Wether you loath lipstick marks on your coffee cups or you boyfriend loathes on his cheek, this makes a great alternative. It lasts ages and theres no fade on the colour, so there is no need for constant reapplication, perfect for a busy day. I also have a mini posietint which is perfect for those who like a more subtle and natural colour, it would be great to see them bring out more shades as the family is quite small at the moment. At £24.50 they aren't the cheapest, but they last ages and are great quality, so for me personally, it's worth the splurge. 


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