Welda Rose Body Oil (S)

Have you tried the Welda Wild Rose Body Oil?

I was quite excited to try the Welda Wild Rose Body Oil, I imagined it being quite sensual and relaxing to apply in the evening. I have quite a few things from Welda, but I haven't really got round to trying them. I'm not sure why as Welda sounds like a brand I would love! All natural and sustainable products are something that always makes a brand stand out to me. 

The Wild Rose Body Oil can be used on both the body and the face, it's a mixture of oils (musk rose, jojoba, almond) harmonises the skin and senses and help to nourish and protect the skin.

Unfortunately I will not be buying the full sized version of this product, although I would definitely consider buying one of the other oils. The rose oil left my skin feeling lovely and hydrated, it absorbed well and a little went a long way making it very cost effective. I would have really enjoyed using the product if it wasn't for the smell! 

Now normally I don't mind rose smelling products, in fact I quite enjoy the delicate floral scent, but this is anything but! The nose on first with is very strong and overwhelming which I could handle if it wasn't for the strong sharp musky smell that follows. It smells, how to put it nicely...vintage. So some people might like the smell and if so you would probably like the oil, it's great for the skin, but I strongly suggest you smell it first!

At £19.95 it's not bad in terms of price and I could imagine it lasting a long time. You can find it on the website along with the other range of oils (which hopefully smell a lot nicer!) 

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  1. I know what you mean. When I first smelled a product of their Rose line, I was surprised. It isn't your typical, floral scent. But I really liked it!



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