Lush Lullaby Shampoo Bar and Jungle Conditioner Bar and the Life Changing Product

Have you tried the Lush Shampoo Bars and Conditioner?

Every once in a while you try a product that not only amazes you but also inspires you. I read really good reviews on the Lush Shampoos bars on a number of great blog, and instantly decided they would be my next purchase.

The little tins are perfect for storing your bars!

When I went into the store I explained my rather complicated hair type (long and fine, sensitive scalp, greasy before day 2, and dandruff prone), to the assistant who suggest Lullaby should be a perfect match for me. I can honestly say I am now a full convert to shampoo bars....not convinced? The lush shampoo bars are 55g of shampoo in the form of a bar, no bottle or runny liquid involved. Each bar is the equivalent of 2-3 bottles of 250ml of normal shampoo and lasts for around 80 washes. Whats better is they take up less space in your bathroom cabinet, will not leak in your suitcase, and cause not harm to the environment as they are self preserving and need no packaging! They sound too good to be true, but believe me they are not. 

Would Lullaby suit your hair?

Lullaby has shown such an amazing difference to my hair, I can now go 3 days without washing and my hair has got a shine I never knew was possible. Over the past years I thought my hair was loosing it's red colour and going brown, as it turned out it was just dull! Lullaby has brought back my vibrant red and whipped my scalp into shape! It contains chamomile, ground almonds and oats milk that help to soothe irritation, whilst lavender oil balances and creates a relaxing aroma along with the help of Neroli Oil. It smells so amazing and so does my hair after use, and it is really lasting a long time, 6 weeks in and I have barely made a dent. It lathers up so well and it's not hard to get a good amount of product to thoroughly cleanse the hair, without worrying of using up all your shampoo.

Do you think Jungle could tame your locks?

The Jungle conditioner is also good...but not the same miracle I'm afraid. It has all the same benefits for storage, travel and the environment, just the results have not been as impressive. It smells so incredible and nutty though and the scent lasts on the hair. The bar is made from tropical fruit oils and cocoa butter to soften the hair, whilst figs, kumquats and passion fruits provide shine and bananas and avocados intensely condition. And there is no denying that it does all this, my hair has felt so much softer when it's dry, yet it's not weighing it down so my natural curls form far nicer. What I do find is that I have to use a large amount of product (far more than the shampoo) and it absorbs so easily that I find it difficult to untangle as it gives my hair no slip. Not the biggest problems in the world and certainly not enough to go back to bottles.

So far I have managed to convinced my mum and my sisters to #ditchthebottle, have I convinced you? The Shampoo Bar is £5.75/55g and the Jungle Conditioner is £3.50/55g, which considering the quality and the usage you get is a fantastic price, in fact it probably works out cheaper than herbal essences! There is a great range of shampoo bars (I would love to try Seanik), but there are only 2 conditioner bars which is a shame, I would love to see them bring out more! I do think Lush has started something pretty special here, and for the environment this could be amazing!


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