Chapter 3 - The Beginning of a Blogger

I read an awful thing on British Beauty Blogger the other day (Jane' post wasn't awful, in-fact it was inspiring)! The post was titled The Worlds Worts Debate On Blogging, if you haven't already read it please do. It's a realisation of just what some people believe blogging is and why they do it! Their beliefs are totally wrong. This is why for my next 'about me chapter', I have decided to tell the story of why I started blogging, what I hope to get from it, and why I am encouraging the people around me to start!

Being a young person, fresh out of university, living in an area with little job opportunities, is hard. In a sense I am lucky because I have a job, it's only part time but it generates enough money to support me and pay for my driving lessons. The truth is though...I could never go full time in this job. It may sound ungrateful and ignorant, but the job is not only boring, the company can not offer me challenges or teach me new skills. I work in a call centre, the company I work for is lovely and supportive, but the work is un-motivating and a little degrading. Like a parrot in a show repeating the same script to the same people with the same reactions. I feel trapped...and if I didn't start blogging, I think I would probably have became depressed. 

In case your wondering why I haven't applied for other jobs, I have but i'm getting now where unfortunately, I have tweaked and change my CV and approach but unless you have experience, a lot of people aren't interested. Now I would love to go blogging full time, be the next Zoella or Michelle Phan, but being realistic it's very unlikely to happen. What I can gain from blogging though, and what I'm aiming for, is something to prove my skills and experience. Something I can show to employers and give myself something to be proud of. 

In terms of skills, blogging has helped keep the analytical and research skills that University taught me fresh, it has helped improve my photography skills, and it has inspired me to learn HTML Code. By the end of the year I want to have a professional looking blog template built by me. If I can show these skills by blogging, surely I can do a more skilled and challenging job (I'm quite happy to start at the bottom on minimum wage!) For anybody interested in learning new Skills Udemy is a great place to get started!

Until that time, blogging is keeping me sane. It's offering all these opportunities, and it's great to get support from other bloggers to. The people who think bloggers are out there to find an easy way of making money and to become famous are so wrong! It gets me so wound up! Some people need to realise that the jobs out there for a lot of young people a incredibly demotivating and a waste of talent. Blogging is a great way for people to challenge themselves and show their skills. To make their own opportunities and to have constant improvement. I received highest call quality where I work in January, I get a lot of 100% calls (they are marked on quality) and the company reward me for it. The problem is now I have achieved that I have no where else to go, unlike blogging where I can see myself improving all the time.

I realise this post has gotten pretty long and a little bit angry and repetitive so I'm going to stop now. If your a blogger, I would love to hear why you started blogging. If your not, I would love to hear your thoughts on people blogging. You may be wondering why I started a beauty blog...that is for another chapter.


  1. I started blogging for related, yet totally different reasons:
    I love my full-time job, and I earn a fair amount of money. At home, my baby girl is a bundle of joy and keeps me busy 24/7. But still I needed some kind of creative outlet and a space to share my love for Makeup and skincare. So Blogging became my way out of a busy, technical and scientific world, providing colors, other bloggers and away from mommy tasks a little me-time, keeping me same.

    1. It's great to hear how much blogging is helping everybody, but in totally different ways!


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