Chocolate Face Masks

Whats your favourite Montagne Jeunesse mask?

Believe it or not I have still not finished my Easter Eggs! Rather than indulging in chocolate foods, I have swapped for these delicious chocolate face masks by Montagne Jeunesse (now 7th Heaven). I stopped using Montagne Jeunesse for a while and just regarded them as play masks for sleepover, but after revisiting I realised that as a child, I just did not appreciate how good these masks are! I bought a chocolate set a while back which is just perfect for any choco/beauty-holic.

The Chocolate Face Mask was my favourite out of the three, it smelt just like hot chocolate and enjoyed smothering the thick brownie mixture like paste onto my face. In all honesty there was far too much provided in the sachet, I started smothering it half way down my chest just to use it all up (I would suggest sharing this one), the good thing is, I was able to apply a thick, generous layer onto my skin. The mask is made up of cocoa (durr) which is high in antioxidants, shea butter for hydration, dead sea salt to remover dead skin, and Mediterranean clay that helps to detox and cleanse the skin. The formula smells deliciously chocolaty through the drying process, it's so delicious I almost ate it! It after 20 minuets drys fairly tightly but not uncomfortable, but it can crack quite badly if you move your face too much, and I also found it quite messy to remove. Afterwards my face felt quite warm and was very red but not uncomfortable, it was really soft to touch and it had helped clear up a few troublesome spots which was a bonus! 

Does the idea of rubbing chocolate on your face appeal to you?

At first impact the Chocolate Orange Self Heating Face Mask was a dream! It was like somebody had melted Terry's Chocolate Orange into a ganache for me to absorb into my skin. The texture was very thick and hard to spread but as you can imagine, it was beautifully scented. I found the make heated quite well when rubbing it onto the skin, however I felt a little disappointed as the mask didn't get that warm when drying and it felt no different to other masks. The formula contains cocoa and Mediterranean clay like the other, orange for vitamin C, and for relaxing and antioxidants. Unlike the other masks this one did not dry or crack, even after half and hour on the skin. The formula is much more drying and although my skin felt soft after using, I still had dry patches and felt a little raw. This is defiantly one for oily and blemished skin, although if your skin is sensitive you may want to give it a miss.

The White Chocolate Face Mask was the thinnest formula, but although easy to spread, it did not stretch as far. Unfortunately it smelled like paint rather than chocolate and dried very quickly and turning stiff. The formula contained almond, cocoa butter, cream, jojoba oil and shea butter for extreme hydration and moisture that nourishes the skin and provides vitamin E. My skin felt extremely soft afterwards, but unfortunately I found the mask broke me out into spots quite badly. If you have very dry or mature skin this make would be perfect for you, if you edge more towards combination, there are better masks in the range for you.

You can buy the masks at £1 each which is great value and makes a great weekly treat. I bought the Chocoholic Delight Gift Pamper Pack which is £5 on the website, but I'm sure I picked it up for around £3 in my corner shop. The pamper pack is great for party or to share with friends, but I personally would not buy as an individual as I found the masks are all suited to different skin types and so would not work for one person.


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