Origins Mega Mushroom Advanced Skin Relief Face Serum and the End of Redness

Have you tried any serums from Origins?

I actually bought the Mega Mushroom Serum in a gift set (for myself) as I was suffering quite badly from redness and irritated skin. This is the old bottle now, as far as I can tell the formula has not changed (please let mew know if it has).

I was first introduced to the range when the kind lady gave me a sample of the Mega Mushroom Soothing Face Cream and I was instantly hooked when I got home. The refreshing earthy ginger scent was like waving honey in front of Whiney the Poo, and result... was refreshed and hydrated skin. (I was very swayed by the smell, is that bad?). Since it was on sale, I decided to snap up the gift set, to try the whole range of products!

The bottle has now changed, but it's sturdy, plastic and comes with a cap

As the others are travel sized, I mainly want to talk about the Serum. No surprise it contains a whole load of mushrooms, including the Chaga mushroom which is ridiculously high in antioxidants (great for protection), the Cordyceps mushroom which is known to be anti-ageing, and a whole load of other mushrooms that will make this post super long if I post about them all. Another prize ingredient is Sea Buckthorn which is full of vitamin C, E and Omega 7, which helps reduce the depth of wrinkles and redness! Sounds impressive, but smells.....not good.

Does colour and smell effect your skincare choice?

After many uses, I have gotten use to the smell but I still don't like it. It's so hard to describe, very earthy and shroomy I guess. If it was a fragrance it would be called dirty mushroom! Smell aside, it's not a bad serum. Don't let the snotty green colour put you off, the texture is runny and silicone free. It absorbs nicely into the skin providing instant hydration and is very soothing when your skin feel aggravated. Itt doesn't feel heavy and the long term results are true to the claims. I have definitely noticed a huge reduction in irritation and redness using this serum alone, so for this reason I can't complain. However, although I can't be sure this serum is defiantly the cause, I do think the serum breaks me out. I have kept using it as the results are effective (and I hate wasting expensive products), but if you are considering this product, it might be something you want to bear in mind.

Out of the set this product is not my favourite, the stars are defiantly the Moisturiser and Toner, I personally did not like the cleanser though. At £50/50ml this is one expensive serum! Sure it's effective but I personally think it's better as a treatment, I'm not saying I wouldn't recommend it but I won't be purchasing again.


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