February Summary

How was your February?

February has come to an end and we are even starting to see signs of springs, the days are getting longer and the weathers even getting warmer. Hurrah! 

I terms of new releases I felt a little disappointed this month, January was filled with brands presenting their amazing new releases, this month they all just seemed to take a break. That's not to say I haven't found anything that got me excited...Anybody heard of Cohorted? It's a new brand to me but they have started doing beauty boxes. Believe it or not the March pre-order has already sold out! If you search for this months box you will see why, talk about the ultimate beauty box! I'm also really swooning over the YSL Touche Eclat Perfect Blur, it looks so pretty and sounds amazing!

February revolves around valentines day, you see a lot of people posting looks with sweet pinks and sexy reds! Even my posts where a bit romance orientated, so what an we expect from march? Well we have St Davids and St Patricks day, and of course the first day of spring!

I still haven't got round to doing all those things I have planned, but this month I realised just how hard blogging everyday is! Fair play to those who do and make it look easy...it's really not! I have decided to cut down on my blogging as I feel I'm starting to struggle and have a quantity over quality feel, which I don't want! What I have also noticed is how much support I have had form other bloggers, and have been wanting to give something back to our little community....

Look out for my pot on Monday, I have decided to start doing guest posts, if your interested please contact me to arrange something.

Was your February all loved up and are you looking forward to the First Day of Spring?


  1. February went by too fast! Great post

    Elli, www.luxeandblush.blogspot.com

    1. I agree, February's such a short month, it goes so quickly. Good thing is that summer comes quicker :-D

  2. Great post! February was a great month (^ν^)I can't wait for the first day of spring though ^^ I'm looking forward to warmer weather again!


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