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Hey, want to post on my blog?

Truth be told I have only been blogging for 2 months, so it may be a little early to start featuring guest posts. The truth is I have come across so many lovely blogs that I never knew existed and keep seeing more people starting exciting new blogs, that I simply don't have enough time to follow them all religiously. 

I was thinking this would be a great way to get to know other bloggers, their styles and see what they are about. I love the idea of being part of a blogging community, it can be hard to get noticed as the beauty blogging community is so huge and their are top blogger who dominate (for good reasons!) So for now I want to start my own community and maybe make friends with those who decide to stick around.

So the rules....there aren't really any. I will accept all types of blogs (although if your talking about cars, etc a guest post here may not be worth your time). What your post is on is up to you, an introduction to you and your, product review....anything you think my readers would like. Preferably, I would like to see pictures (posts on my home page do not look right without) and will happily accept videos and other media formats. Your post can be as long or as short as you like, it will posted in my style on fonts unless you state otherwise (you can be specific, I don't mind).

As a host, I promise to share your post across a number of social media platforms and get your blog as much attention as possible. (If you see a guest post on this blog, I encourage you to comment, share etc and support the bloggers). 

If you are interested, please contact me as I would love to hear from you. Let me know what you would like to share and I will let you know the next available date. Write your post and paste it into an email and attach any media files you wish, lease let me know if you would like any links included, specific styles and/or labels. I only ask that the post is sent to me 2 days before the agreed date to give me time to place your post in blogger and schedule it.

I hope to hear from all you lovely bloggers soon!!!! My email is

P.S The only other rule is no offensive language etc (I will change any language I feel may offend).


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