Yankee Candle Midnight Jasmine and Moroccan Memories

Are you obsessed with Yankee Candle?

I have such an obsession with candles at the moment, especially Yankee ones. Who knew home (or if you live with your parents) fragrances could be so exciting!

First of all I want to mention just once, how much I love the huge glass jars Yankee candles come in! I feel much safer with the flame enclosed in the jar and I don't need to worry about knocking over the candle as it's so hefty. You may be thinking, thats great put I bet it adds a far bit onto the price....maybe but you can reuse the jars, and since they come with lids, they are great for storage.

Midnight Jasmine was actually bought for me by my lovely friend. The glistening white wax is perfumed with water jasmine, sweet honeysuckle, neroli and madarin blossom, but despite the lovely sweet florals, this candle really packs a punch to the nose (in the nicest possible way)!

Are you a fan of the smell of Jasmine?

Even when not burning it smells really strongly of jasmine. Oddly enough I never use to like the smell, but after my trip to Marrakech in June 2012 the scent has been growing on me and know I adore it (the same thing happened with olives!). The smell just takes me back to those amazing adventures, exploring the souqs, the atlas mountains and the beautiful gardens. To point out the obvious...if you don't like jasmine or strong floral smells, your probably won't like this. I love to burn in when I want to relax, the smell is so overwhelming that when you enter the room, you are hot with this wave of excitement which melts away into calm. It always makes me smile. You really don't have to burn it for long to get a smell either, I'm talking about 30 seconds! As soon as that wax starts melting the beautiful fragrance will find your nose.

It's such a shame that the wax gets so dirty!

As much as I love Yankee candles, and especially this one, I have a slight problem with them that may seem a little fussy. The beautiful wax seems to become stained with black spots and it's really annoying! It doesn't happen with other candles so why these? I can live with it, but if your using Yankee candles for decorations, you have been warned!

Every time I pass a Yankee stand I have to stop and smell the candles! There are so many more I want to buy, but honestly I have so many candles to burn and only 1 room to use them in. You can find the full range on the website, at £17 for a medium jar they are quite expensive, but this baby burns for 65-90 hours, if you burnt for an hour a day then it would last 2-3 months so it's not that bad really. Plus for the quality of the candle and the rather lovely jar left behind I would rather pay the extra for them. They certainly make great gifts, I have yet to find somebody who has been disappointed with getting one.


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