Lancome Crayon Khol Eye Pencil Liner Noir - The Smudge and the Smoke

Have you tired the Lancome Crayon Khol Eye Pencil Liner?

When I buy my favourite Lancome Mascara, I always try to buy it in a gift set as it's better value. I normally go for the one with the Bi-Facil and mini Crayon Khôl eyeliner. Even though I've never bought the full size, this little pencil has become my go to liner for creating a smokey eye.

So I have about a good few of these pencils, truth be told I don't wear khôl liner that often so these mini sizes are perfect size for me, I don't think I would get through a larger one, especially with all the other liners waiting to be used in my collection. The pencil is very classy in design, black pencil with gold letters and a gold lid, they represent what Lacome is all about, subtle class.

Simple but classy packaging is what I've come to know from Lancome!

What I love about this liner is how very soft and creamy it is. It's so comfortable to apply to all part of the eye, there is no tugging so it's really easy to get a smooth line. The pigmentation is really intense but formula is super blendable so despite the dark colour, mistakes are easy to correct. The main downsides of this liner is the transfer on the crease that can occur after a few hours. For this reason I would not recommend pairing it with pale shadows if your applying to the top lash line. It looks amazing dotted and softly blended along the bottom lashes though if you do want to use it for a more natural look, but the real purpose of this liner is drama! Build it on and around the lashes and just keep blending up and out until you have a mysteriously glamorous smokey eye!

Whats your got to liner for a smokey eye?

I can not deny that is is probably possible to buy a drugstore liner at quarter of the price that can give the same effect. At £17/1.8g its a fairly considering I find the best use is for a smokey eye. Although I would never buy this liner individually, I always look forward to getting one in the gift set, because it is a good and useful liner. I'm a huge fan of the Lancome mascaras so if your looking for a soft and smudgy liner consider buying one of the gift sets, they aren't available on the website or in department stores at the moment, but I have found they become available throughout the year (hopefully they will keep doing this!) For now you can find them on Perfume Click for £23.


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