Origins Super Spot Remover and The Small but Mighty Spot Fighter

A tiny but powerful product, have you tried it?

I love Origins as a brand, all natural products with some ingredients I can really enthuse about, I can't say that all their products are perfect, and to be honest this spot gel isn't either, but in saying that, it is one of the best I have tried!

I'm not usually bothered by spots, everyone gets them and they are usually gone in less than a week and spot gel is just another step/cost in a skincare routine. However as it got towards my birthday last year, I had these annoying huge red spots on my cheek that just seemed to reappear as soon as they disappeared. After hitting google for a solution the Origins Super Spot Remover was recommended by many and even had a best spot treatment award.

I visited my nearest Origins counter to snap up this little gem. First of all I knew this product was going to be small as I had read a good number of blog reviews on it, but just so you know, this product really is tiny. Thinking about it, it doesn't need to be big, spots are small and the 10ml actually lasts ages (depending on the number of spots you get I suppose). The bottle is really cute and I like that the squeeze application is quite hygienic. I like to squeeze a small amount onto a cotton bud to apply (not very economical I know, but I don't like using fingers). My main concern is how much product will I have to waste as I can imagine it being easy getting all the product out unless you intend to cut the bottle.

Whats your favourite spot treatment?

Going onto the the product, the gel is clear and smells very clean and clinical. The gel is made up of Salicylic Acid which softens the outer layer of the skin helping it too loosen and shed, healing the spot quicker. It also contains anti-spot technology (?) that supposedly helps reduce those big red after blemish marks. The Caffeine is also inflammatory which can to reduce the swelling size whilst Red Algae is anti-microbial and is full of antioxidants which will help prevent the spots returning. Sounds like an effective mix of stuff!

I find the gel is quite cooling on touch which can help to bring down the swelling. The great this is it's not at all drying on the skin and doesn't cause any damage or flaking. No here is why I wouldn't say the product is perfect. Although it is quite effect on developing and small spots, it just seems to have no effect on those huge ones with the white heads (and don't pop them, the scaring is just not worth it) and they are the ones that bother me the most since they are so hard to disguise. While it doesn't make them go down any quicker, I will admit that it helps with those nasty red scars. On the pain scale, I don't feel anything on the larger spots, but the raw small ones sting a little bit, but not that badly.

If you are in need of a spot gel, Origins Super Spot Remover may work well for you, depending on what your looking for. You can find it on the Origins website at £15/10ml I suppose this is quite expensive, although it lasts so long that the price is justified.


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