Argan Oil or Liquid Gold

Have you tried Argan Oil in it's purest form?

Argan Oil is the the magical beauty product that flows from North Africa. There are a number of brands that boast it in their products (you've probably tired them and may not have been impressed), but the best way to use Argan oil is in it's purest form.

I first heard of Argan Oil during my travels to Marrakesh in 2012, I know I keep going on about this holiday but it was truly amazing. I will have to share my story soon! On a tour of the shops in Jemaa el Fna (the main square), we visited a pharmacy that taught us all about the spices, herbs and oils used by the locals. The picture below shows how the Argan Oil is made, I always regret not buying some over their as over here it is far more expensive (although you can get it cheaply if you know where to look!). The argan nuts are cracked between two stones and the kernels (1-3 per nut) are extracted from the shell by hand. They are put into a stone grinder like the one above and and pressed to produce the oil, the whole process takes hours to do which is why the oil is so expensive! Know lets move onto the the science of why Argan Oil is so magic....

Morocco is an exciting an exciting place, have you been?

Argan Oil is extremely moisturising qualities and can help repair and protect cells. It is filled with Tocopherols (Vitamin E) which is a fat soluble antioxidant and protects cell membranes from free radical that can damage the skin. They are also full of fatty acids (that are mostly un-saturated) that play a crucial role in the skins structure and barrier functions.

Also called Moroccan Miracle Oil and Liquid Gold

The oil colour and smell will differ with quality, the one I have is golden in colour and has a strong kind of nutty smell. This is because it has only been filtered once, the advantage is it contains more fatty acids so provides better benefits. I find the oil really thick, especially when compared with coconut oil, think more olive oil and your on the right lines. I find it far to thick and heavy to use it as an everyday moisturiser for both my skin and hair, it would just turn me into a greasy smelly slick. Instead I use it as a super treatment. My favourite uses are;

1. An intensive hair mask that is left on over night and washed out in the morning (shampoo is applied before water). It leaves my hair feeling super soft and healthy, and gives it a natural shine without it feeling weighed down. It's great for keeping your hair healthy and in top condition.

2. An over night facial oil that again is left to do it's magic over night. In the morning I can usually still feel the oil as I find it doesn't fully absorb into the skin. I just wash the remaining off with a gentle cleanser and continue with my usual skin routine. My skin always looks more radiant and any swelling and redness caused by spots is usually reduced. 

3. Treating stretch marks. We all get them, argan oil is so hydrating it can help reduce scars (not make them completely vanish) and prevent further ones forming.

4. Soothing irritated skin by massaging into into the poorly area. I suffer from eczema and the oil helps to reduce irritation and repair the skin, it can also be used after a tougher exfoliation session, and will leave your skin feeling baby soft (I use it after microdermabrasion on any area of the body or face).

Let me know if you buy a bottle and what you think? What's your favourite oil?

There are also many other uses including using it as a healthy cooking oil. There are many different grades of Argan oil to, if you want one thats un-scented you want to buy cold-pressed or double filtered, but it probably won't be as effective, but maybe lighter so could be used every day. You can pretty much buy argan oil everywhere, I personally buy from Ebay. Risky I know, but a few tips are to buy 100% pure organic oil, buy now only rather then auction, use sellers with clear positive feedback. Realargan are a fantastic seller and reasonably priced, you can get 250ml for £20 which is an amazing price, although I personally find this amount hard to use as it can go rancid after a while, even in an apothecary bottle.


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