The Tea Pig Trails - Chapter 3

So I have finally finished the tea pig trial and must say it was really fun, and I can't recommend the box of 12 samples enough!!!! Below is what I though of the final four.

Check out the tasty and the not so tasty below!

Chai Tea (Bolly Good)

How I love Chai Lattes!!!! I must confess I have a big love for cinnamon so this sounded perfect for me. This one contains assam tea, cardamom pods, cinnamon, ginger and cassia, and is great for adding a bit of energy to your life. Sounds like a healthy dessert in the form of tea!!!! In the bag it looks like a little bit of autumn, but it smells so delicious (probably because it smells so strongly of cinnamon). This one you are supposed to try with milk and maybe honey, but I tried it alone first.

With the hot water it smells delicious, and brings me back to christmas (how I miss christmas), the colour is reddy brown and looks so inviting. With out milk it's nice, but it's quite strong, I wouldn't say it's bitter but theres an edge thats masking the delicious cinnamon flavours. With milk it's easy to mistake for a usual cup of tea, but it has that lovely sweet edge. I'm not sure weather or not this could be classed as healthy, especially with the milk in it, but it's definitely delicious and relaxing. If you like cinnamon and a treat then try this!

Mao Feng Green Tea (Green with Envy)

Ahhh green I envy those who like it. I really want to, I hope it will be like olives and one day grow on me. Mao Feng is supposed to be a super green tea that is liked by even ordinary tea lovers, it has a very sad but lovely story which you can find on the website. So i'm sure most of us know the benefits of green tea, from weight loss to anti-ageing it is the king of the healthy tea world. Will mao feng be the one to finally crack my un-wanted hatred?

So in the bag is lots of long green crispy sticks with are dark green in colour and stink of green tea. Tea pigs claim the tea water should look green, however it still have a brown colour to it, and it smells no different to green tea. It's not looking good so far! Truth be told the taste isn't that bad but it's not something I would choose to drink, it just tastes like green tea. The good news is it's starting to grow on me. If you really really want to drink green tea, maybe start here, green tea drinkers should love this, the rest of us probably won't be interested.

I love how healthy and exotic teapig temples look!

Lemon and Ginger (Lazy Days)

Lemon and ginger sounds so me, have you ever had lemonade with ginger, like that victorian lemonade by Fentimans? Both lemon and ginger have many health benefits. They are both antibacterial helping to keep away colds, are full of antioxidants and can help to flush the body of toxins. Sounds like a tasty detox to me.

In the bag it smells delightfully zingy and oriental, I just couldn't wait for it to brew... and wow it was amazing when it had. This is definitely my favourite! It smells so soothing and relaxing, like a lemsip without the medicine. Perfect for clearing the sinuses in the winter. It has a lovely fresh taste with a gingery zing, it's not overpowering or too weak. It's simply perfect, I feel like I could drinks gallons of it! I can't think of anybody who wouldn't enjoy this, but i'm probably blinded, great for those looking for a delicious zesty detox, not for those who don't like lemon or ginger

Liquorice and Mint (Sweet Treat)

How delicious does this sound! I love mint and the liquorice sounds like a tasty combination. Mint is a great aid for digestion whilst liquorice can help protect the stomach lining and helps the liver neutralise toxins. I have read about some side-effects though so be careful not to over-indulge as it can cause high-blood pressure and act as a diuretic.

So this smelt like mint tea but not as fresh but it looked ver healthy and herbal in the bag. Even with the hot water it didd't excite but as we have learnt, never judge a tea by it's smell. This rather boring smelled tea really pack a punch in terms of taste and it's a nice one too! The taste is minty but theres this incredible sweetness from the liquorice, it's not like black liquorice but the real stuff and it adds a wonderful sweet flavour. The tea is also very cooling to drink, even though it's hot, it would be great for hot days or sore throats. This is another tea I could drink a lot of, but due to the warnings against liquorice I will definitely be careful and advise you are too if you want to try it. If you are the kind of person who drinks their tea with sugar, I think you would love this!

All these teas now finished, can't wait to repurchase my favourites!

Overall I have really enjoyed doing the teapig trials, I would definitely recommend trying the pick 'n' mix sample pack as it's a great way to discover some new teas that are healthy and delicious. My favourite has to be Lemon and Ginger, and Liquorice and Mint (looks like I saved the best until last!) Chai tea is defiantly also an indulgence, whilst jasmine is great for relaxing and lemongrass is something different. Let me know if you decide to give this a go and be sure to share your favourites. If your interested in the other teas I tried you can find them on Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.


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