Burt's Bees Lipbalm and the Love of Bees

Have you tired the award winning Burt's Bees Lip balm?

I couldn't live without lip balm I use to be addicted to Palmer's dark chocolate and mint tube until they stopped selling it!. I searched around and came across Burt's Bees on sale in boots, I grabbed a few and instantly found a new best friend.Most of you will probably have tried or at least heard of Burst Bees, this fantastic brand is environment focused, uses natural ingredients and has quirky vintage packaging. Ticks my boxes! If you get the opportunity have a look at the brands back story on the website, it's really interesting and exciting. 

So being a brand buzzing over bees, they always have a classic honey yellow colour on their packaging. The lip balms are no exception and come in sturdy recycled plastic tube that can easily popped into pockets, bags, anywhere really, as Burt's Bees trimmed excess packaging for sustainability, Nice job guys!. So while some tubes can feel cheap and create a bit of mess, this one is perfect, no frills but no fuss. Exactly what I want in an everyday balm.  

Whats your favourite flavour lip balm?

All the balms contain bees wax which is used as a natural emulsifier helping products to bind. It also known for being able to seal in moisture and protect skin from the harsh environments we live in. There are so many different flavours, each with their own unique purpose so their is pretty much something for everyone. At the moment I'm using the original (bees wax) during the day, and the honey one at night.

Is this your perfect everyday lip balm?

The original balm benefits from vitamin E (full of antioxidants) and peppermint which provides an incredible cooling effect on the lips. It's really refreshing in the morning and I'm sure it helps plumps the lips a bit. The coconut and sunflower oils (full of essential fatty acids) give the balm lovely hydrating properties, making it perfect for everyday use. It glides on quite thick and provides excellent protection on harsh windy days, but also makes a perfect hydrating base for lip sticks, particularly matt lipsticks, as the balm is quite mat it's self. Added bonus, it tastes delicious! 

Honey is so good for you inside and outside.

The honey balm benefits from...you guessed it honey! Honey is amazing for the skin as it is packed full of antioxidants that help  fight ageing, and is extremely moisturising, keeping your lips looking healthy and full. That's right your lips age too! The added Shea butter, almond oil and cocoa butter make this balm extremely nourishing which is why I use it at night. It's slightly more glossy in texture which is not a bad thing, but I don't think it makes as good a base, it's not as tasty either, but it defiantly better for dryer and chapped lips.

I have also tried mango, pomegranate and acai berry and can honestly say I have not been disappointed by any of them! They keep chapped lips at bay without the need for constant application! I would definitely recommend checking out their website and environmental policies, they have some amazing causes! If you haven't heard whats happening to the bees and how important they are to us (and our beauty products) you really need to check out what amazing work Burt's Bees is doing! The products are affordable, the balms are only £3.69 and last ages, and the brands ethics are really respectable. This is really a brand that needs more spotlight!


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