M.A.C Peachykeen Powder Blush - Blushing on Valentines

Have You Tried the M.A.C Blushers?

So with valentines quickly approaching, it's time to be deciding the final look we will be sporting. If you are opting for an innocent fresh faced look, then the M.A.C Peachykeen has got you covered!

I actually really like M.A.C blushers, ok the packaging is rather boring, but the simple flip open pot is sturdy and reliable, so I can't do too much complaining!

M.A.C packaging may be boring but at least it's efficient!

Now how to describe the colour? It's a muted shade of mid pink with a slight orange undertone, there is a slight shimmer within it. On the cheeks it looks so beautiful, the kind of colour a blushing bride would wear. It's a really natural colour (for my pale skin tone), the orange undertone give the colour a warmer kind of glow, and while there is shimmer in the blush, it's not noticeable on the skin. It does reflect the light well though and does makes the cheeks seem more luminous. 

Would you wear peachykeen?

As for the blush texture, it's buttery soft and is picked up on the brush very easily. I like to use the real techniques expert face brush and gently blend the product onto the skin. It's a lovely texture that just blends perfectly into the skin, providing a very soft focus and flattering finish. Whilst the product is very pigmented, with a gentle hand you can add a lovely tint of pink to the cheeks, or build up to something more blushing.

The pinky colour looks soft and natural!

I really like the M.A.C blushers, while the simple packaging may not excite the formula and finish is brilliant! You can find a full shade rage on their website. One of the great things bout M.A.C is they have such an amazing range, theres normally something to suit everybody. At £18/6g they aren't the cheapest blush about, the product lasts absolutely ages because it is so pigmented!


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