MeMeMe Beat the Blues in Pearl Pink and the Daisy Fresh Cheeks

Have you heard of budget friendly brand MeMeMe?

MeMeMe is not a well known brand, it is one that has been introduced to me through beauty boxes, and I have only been impressed with them so far. Beat the Blues is actually a highlighter and it is one of my favourites. It's been dubbed a budget alternative to Benefits High Beam and is definitely worth the praise!

Do you like this nail varnish style application?

While the bottle looks a bit like nail polish, I think it looks really elegant for a budget priced product. I love the little floral design at the bottom. I also find the application is a lot easier as you can dot it along the cheek and brow bones without any mess. The formula is really nice too, it doesn't dry too quickly to you have more than enough time to blend it in with a brush or fingers, without it feeling wet and too dewy for a while after. It's really handy for a quick everyday look and has become a favourite of mine. I can literally pop it on, blend, and go. It is one of those products that creates a quick, effective but natural look.

A lovely pearly pink highlighter, do you own one?

Moving onto to the colour...Beat the Blues is available in Pearl Pink or Oyster Gold. I can not comment on Oyster Gold as I have not tried it, but Pearl Pink is absolutely perfect for creating a fresh look that works really well with pink blushers for a fresh english rose kind of look. I imagine Oyster Gold would be perfect with peachy blushes for a more tropical sun kissed look. What I really like about the colour is how natural the finish is when paired with a pink blush, it creates a lovely faded out look with a pearly finish that really reflects light of the cheekbones. The result is a beautiful defined effect without the use of bronzer, that looks fresher and less intense and is perfect for the everyday. 

This lovely pink looks so fresh on the skin and reflects the light so beautiful

The only thing I would say is be careful where you use is. It may provide a luminous glow with a fresh hint of colour for the cheek, brows, cupids bow, and even legs; but I found when I used it on my forehead, nose and chin it settled into to my average sized pores and really enhanced them, creating a lovely glow with some rather noticeable dots. Not really the look I want! If you have exciting pores you may be able to use it all over, but I think it's best sticking to the cheeks where it looks beautiful.

At a price point of £5.50/12m you really can't go wrong with this product! Not only does it create a quality finish but it also lasts ages so you won't be running out anytime soon. I would defiantly call it a drugstore store hero (apparently you can find them in superdrug?), and it would be well worth checking out more products on their website.


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