Guerlain Insolence and the Sweet Winter Floral

Have you tried any Guerlain Perfumes?

Does anyone else think Valentines day takes place at one of the most random times of the year. We usually associate romance with beautiful fresh flowers, dainty little dresses and sweet smelling perfume. February on the other hand is still winter, flowers have not yet started appearing and it's still to cold to start on the fresh floral scents, I personally am still longing for something a bit more warming.

Fortunately Guerlain has the perfect solution. I want to mention at this point how much I like Guerlain as a brand. Yes they are expensive, but their quality and uniqueness are unbeatable and I am still waiting to be disappointed by them! The beautiful perfume you see above is Insolence, isn't it gorgeous?

The bottle was created by sculptor Serge Mansau and I think it really is a work of art. It radiates a beautiful crystal violet colour and the stacked angled semi-spheres remind me of an abstract take on a flower head (possibly violets?). It's not your simple elegant bottle that fits nicely in place on the dressing table of your classic bedroom, but rather belongs on the room thats quirky, different but still beautiful.

Do you like the bottle?

I first came across the scent when I bought the Guerlain Meteorites Compact, the powder had the most captivating scent and the lovely lady at the counter told me it was fragranced with Insolence. I had to smell it and it was love at first wiff! There is something so special about, the light sweet floral that I love with a mysterious powdery twist. Imagine if the sweets palmer violets made a perfume, this is what it would be. At first spritz the red berry top notes create something sharp, fruity and sparkling, contrasting against the the middle notes of floral violets and iris that add a mysterious depth with a Orris (get me being technical) or powdery fragrance. The base notes of tonka bean and sandal wood add a warmer slightly vanilla scent that ties this whole perfume together as something rather unique and versatile.

For me it has the light floral romance aroma but also the powdery and woodsy winter warmth, making it perfect for bridging the gap between winter and spring, and of cause perfect for valentines day.

You can find out more about the fragrance on the Guerlain website, and buy the it at most department stores for £48/30ml. Expensive I know but I personally would consider this to be very luxurious and quite reasonable when compared to other fragrances. Luckily for us there are always normally good deals going on somewhere, and at the moment you can pick this lovely fragrance up for a mere £26/30ml at the fragrance shop, what a bargain! 


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