Long Walks and Happy Hearts

Is this no the perfect time of year for taking long walks? Wrapping up warm in coats and boots on a nice clear day where the suns out but the fresh air keeps you nice and cool as you stroll around the beauty that is nature. So walking in the summer is nice, but who wants to be hot, sweaty, and sunburnt!

It's been on the news a lot lately of just how good walking is for you, it's one of my favourite way to exercise. I always feel energised and healthy after a long walk, and ok it may not burn you calories as quickly, but it is far better for you than other extreme exercises that can actually cause more damage than good. Did you know you can burn about 100 calories per mile from walking, thats an extra biscuit you can treat yourself to!  
What your favourite place to walk?

Along with the health benefits, walking is a great way to clear the mind and relax. Get away from stress and technology and remind ourselves how beautiful nature is. My favourite reasons for walking are...

1. Better Social Time; whether your taking a romantic stroll with your partner, a fun stroll with the family or taking time to relax with friends, walking can be the most social form of exercise and it's just a bonus if you loose a phone signal. No reason not to enjoy a a chat and a laugh!

Far more exciting and beautiful than walking down a street, don't you think?

2. Photography Time; don't let having no one to walk with be an excuse, grab your camera and start getting inspired by all the colour, shapes and textures of the outdoors, rather than the familiar ones of your house!
I am an addict to anything bright and colourful, including fungi!

3. Adventure!; sometimes wondering to places you haven't been can be the most thrilling and inspiring thing, life is to short not to explore the world around you!

Summer isn't the only time to visit the beach!
So if you haven't got any plans for valentines day yet, consider a romantic/social stroll for some quality time with added benefits. Have something nice waiting for you when you get in, coffee and cake, romantic meal, maybe some bubbly....


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