Alterna Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist (S)

Have you heard of luxury hair brand Alterna?

So this product has a pretty long name! Alterna is a luxury hair care and styling brand that promises salon results using natural and good ingredients. This is a lovely travel sized version of their Boho Tousled Texture Mist from the Bamboo Style collection. It's a really lovely product and delivers a fantastic result!

The bottle is quite simple, nothing to complicated. It has a oriental theme reflecting the Bamboo used in the product, and has a spray nozzle for easy and quick application. The product smells really fresh and clean, you can smell it on the hair and it does linger for a while, but as it's a pretty simple scent it shouldn't bother you too much, just smell like washed hair.

The formula is made up of organic Bamboo Extract which contains 70% organic silica, a mineral that claims to create beautiful, strong and healthy hair, although there are conflicting views over whether silicon is good or bad. The other main ingredient is blue Yucca Root Extract which is a natural fixative due to it's high starch content, which makes it great for styling products. It also contains a range of vitamins and minerals to improve overall hair health.

Is there anything more romantic than boho waves?

When sprayed onto the hair it remains slightly damp for about a minute which allows you time to style and scrunch your hair to create the waves. When it drys the hair doesn't feel crispy, rough or dry, which I do find that some texture mists (I'm looking at you sea salt) can make your hair feel. Overall I personally really like this product, I will be honest in saying I do not use it often enough to say whether or not it improves hair quality over time, but it makes a fantastic texture spray for those who like weightless sprays that leave soft and glossy hair. You don't need much at all, the hold lasts all day and the styling gives you a natural beach wave look (or it does on my long loose curly hair)!

You can get this at a number of store including Amazon where it is currently on offer for £17.41 (down from £23). Yes this is an expensive styling product, but I do think I could part with my money for the full size as I much prefer the kind of 'barley noticeable' product it offers. I'm also really keen to try more from the range, as the collections on the website are really intriguing!

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  1. It does sound like a really good texturing spray, although I'm not sure I could spend £17 on it!

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