Tommy Gunns Fig & Plum Hair Care and The Story of Opposites

Have you tried anything from Tommy Guns?

Tommy Guns is professional salon haircare brand inspired by nature, that has won a number of awards for their delicious smelling and quality hair products. Last year when I first got my balayage highlights my hair turned into a complete mess!!!! It was dry and frizzy and nothing seemed to fix it, I decided to try the Tommy Gunns Fig & Plum Shampoo and Fig, Plum & Marshmallow Conditioner after reading some good reviews, oddly enough for me, I find these two seem to suit opposite hair types!

This is one of the most heavenly scented shampoos I have ever tried!
So the bottles are clear which is great as you can see how much product is left, they have simple but classy labels and look great in the bathroom. Not sure how great they would be for travel though! They both smell absolutely gorgeous, really sweet and fruity, it really makes washing your hair a pleasure! The smell even lingers for a a good while on the hair afterwards which I personally really like.

The shampoo has a runny texture and lovely red colour!

The Fig & Plum Shampoo lathers up really well and feels lovely on the hair whilst your washing. If you suffer from fine greasy hair you will want to avoid this like the plague, big mistake on my part, this shampoo clearly wasn't right for my hair. I thought it would help with my dandruff which it does, but my hair gets quite greasy agin within 24 hours, even if I use a clarifying shampoo before hand, it's still not good enough. If you have really thick dry hair, you would probably love this.

It would be nice if this bottle was clear to.

The Fig, Plum & Marshmallow Conditioner is something I just can not work out! It sounded perfect for my dry frizzy hair, but the truth I would not recommend this at all! If you have short fine hair and don't use much conditioner you will probably like this but my experience with long bleached hair was awful! My hair drank up and just could not get enough. Quite literally could not get enough....not matter how much I applied, even in the shower my hair felt dry, in fact it felt like I had put yogurt in it! Not even my tangle teezer splash could untangle the mess, and I need to use a heck of a lot of spray in conditioner and oil afterwards. Even then the ends are still dry.
Such a disappointing product!

I'm not saying I wouldn't recommend this product and I would certainly consider Tommy Guns in the future (especially for their amazing smells), but I think the products are a little misleading. Yet I have heard really good reviews for both of these products, I would seriously think about your hair type if you where going to buy. They are £5.50 and you can find the full range on the website.


  1. I've never heard of this brand.. Great review! I also don't like when companies mislead their products.



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