Soap and Glory The Scrub of Your Life and the Scent of Pink

How do you feel about this pink vintage focused brand?

Who doesn't love Soap and Glory? Their packaging is pink and tacky but there is something so loveable about their vintage images and fun names that make you fall in love with the product before you have even tired it. They are the purse friendly alternative to benefit, letting everyone join in the good old fashioned girl power!

The scrub of your life is a huge tube of body scrub thats both gentle and effective! It leaves me feeling squeaky clean and soft! The pink packaging feels and looks rather cheap but it's totally forgiven, it's easy to get every last drop of product out and hasn't broken on me. I fact grabbing 'The Scrub of Your Life' makes your shower just a bit more exciting don't you think?

Fun or Tacky.... What do you think?

The product is a clear gel pink exfoliating beads (of course!). Unlike a lot of scrubs this actually foams up, and very nicely too, but the product still stretches quite far and provides just as much moisture. Sometimes I find pot scrubs can leave me feeling a little bit greasy, so if your not a fan of that this could be a great alternative!

Now if you have ever wondered what the colour pink smells like, Soap and Glory has created something that I think could be pretty accurate. The scrub (if your being picky, body buffer) is scented with the original Soap and Glory fragrance Pink, which makes a fantastic treat for your nose as well as your body. It's really fresh and zesty, with notes of bergamot, summer rose, peach, strawberry, gardenia blooms, jasmine, patchouli warm amber and musks. Theres something really sweet and flirt about the smell, the musk is definitely there but so is the light delicate florals. It wouldn't be my personal choice of perfume but I love it as a shower product, and it linger on the skin for a fair amount of time so I can enjoy it even longer!

This little blog foamed up so much I was able to wash both my arms!

So my only problem with this scrub is the amount of parabens, I would prefer natural but I can live with it. For £7/200ml I think this is a fantastic price, it would make a great present of part of a pamper set! You can find the full range on the website and it's usually always available in Boots. It's an effective scrub that you could use 4 times a week (or daily in rougher areas) without suffering too many problems as it's so gentle. The only thing that would stop me repurchasing is that this product is the opposite of environmentally friendly, thick plastic packaging and the dreaded micro beads, which may be effective, but are very harmful to marine environments. Come on Soap and Glory, SORT THIS OUT!!!!


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