Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb EDT - The Floral Stage

A True Explosion of Floral Scent

So now I am down to my last few drops I thought I would give a mention of the first grown up floral perfume I had the pleasure of owning. I often change my preferences, I get bored easily sticking to one scent, signature is just not my thing (although I'm a fiend for anything with grapefruit in).

Flowerbomb is well known and I imagine most of you will have smelled it or maybe even own it. The design of the bottle is quite clever, it looks very sophisticated, a rounded glass shape with a crystal look, a classic sliver lid and plaque with a pink-tint. It makes a pretty and elegant ornament on a dressing table. When I first bought the perfume I thought the bottle was a light rose pink colour, but I can see know that it's the liquid that is pink, I think the bottle actually looks more elegant empty.

The Very Clever Bottle Looks Like An Elegant Grenade (if such a thing can exist)

Now on to the clever bit, I originally thought Flowerbomb referred to the explosion of floral smells given off from the perfume, but the concept has also been cleverly designed into the bottle in a very sophisticated way. Holding the bottle you can see and feel a grenade shape and the little black tag, (that I used to think was a bit inconvenient for travel), instantly become the safety pin ring. Despite the plastic being thin and flimsy, I think it's a nice and clever twist on a classic bottle.

So lets focus on the most important aspect, the smell. The first spritz is very sweet and floral, you can smell the tangy orange notes which is sweetened by the pink pepper. As the scent develops it becomes more floral and the jasmine, rose and freesia begin to show through, but it's made sophisticated and sexy by the base notes of patchouli and amber. The patchouli is particularly obvious. This perfume is great for anyone who wants something fresh and sweet but without smelling like a teenager. The scent manages to be both young and sophisticated, which is probably why it's so popular.

You can pretty much pick up Flowerbomb anywhere, but at £58 in Debenhams for 50ml it is one pricy Eau De Toilette!!!! For this price I wouldn't buy it again, however if you are looking to treat someone special who likes sweet floral scents, I would totally recommend checking this out.


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