Saving When Your a Full Blown Beauty Addict!

Do you have any saving tips?

With all the amazing beauty releases going on the and more products becoming essential to routines, you can find yourself spending hundreds on beauty products. I used to be really bad at impulsive buying and reckless spending, but since getting my priorities in order, I've really impressed myself with how capable I am of saving my money.

If your finding you have built up some similar bad habits and are looking to break some, I would love to share with you a few tips that have really been helping me out....

1. Work out your essential spends;

Realising just how much you have to spend throughout the year really puts into perspective how much money you have available for luxuries. I'm quite lucky that I live with my parents and I only have to worry about rent and a phone bill coming out my account each month. Thinking about it more carefully though, I realised I have more to essential spends throughout the year, spreading the costs of birthday presents and Christmas really adds up so it's a good idea to plan them into your monthly budget, you will be surprised how much it adds up! It's the same for holidays, meals out etc. Planning them into a monthly budget can help ease financial pressure throughout the rest of the year.

2. Keep a budget for different areas of spending

Once you know how much you have to spend, I find it helps to spread that cost across different categories. This ensures I don't spend all my money on makeup and then realise I need a new pair of shoes. It also allows me to save within certain categories e.g. I can not spend for a couple of months in electronics and be able to get a new camera lens, but still treat myself to beauty products without feeling guilty. 

3. Keeping a financial diary

Seems a bit extreme, but if you really want to save, writing down all the money you spend, rent, shopping trips, even food. Knowing your going to record what you buy makes it more that just sticking a card in a machine and makes you think whether or not you can spare the cash. I transfer all the spends in my diary into a excel spreadsheet each week so I know how much left I have to spend.

4. Don't be afraid to treat yourself

Like with dieting, going cold turkey usually ends in disaster, I love beauty boxes and get 2-4 a month. I'm not going to stop because I'm saving for a house, instead I just work these guilty pleasures into a system that works. I just need to be aware that I have less to spend on beauty products because of it.

I hope these tips help, if anybody has any tips to share I would love to hear them.


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