Baby Shampoo....It's Not Just for Babies!

What are your top tips for baby shampoo?

Everybody should own a bottle of baby shampoo, children or no children, man or woman, everybody can benefit from this multifunctional budget buy!

So first lets focus on the beauty hacks....

1. When I first purchased a bottle of baby shampoo it was to clean my makeup brushes, the formula is enough to thoroughly clean my brushes removing any dirt and makeup, but it's gentle enough to leave them feeling soft and not bother the glue.

2. Washing your hair brushes....this is always something I forget to do, but if you want to stop your hair getting greasy and grimy, clean your hair brushes regularly. Just think of all the product your brushing back into your hair, baby shampoo is a great alternative to using your expensive stuff! 

3. If you can remove makeup from brushes, you can also remove it from your face! Baby shampoo is great for melting makeup if your on a budget or never realised your out of makeup remover.

4. Shaving cream, it's really gentle, hypoallergenic and lathers up well, why not?

5. A feet treat...apply to your feet before bed, add a pair of socks and you will wake up with soft and clean smelling feet.

And now for some home hacks that everyone can benefit from....

1. Mix with baking powder and start polishing the door handles, the cooker, the sink, anything metal really. You will get a clean and fantastic shine! It can also help with old zipper on clothes too.

2. Clean your leather! Chair, shoes, shampoo is great for reviving leather.

3. Wash your car and you walls, baby shampoo is lovely and gentle so it's perfect for removing grime without causing damage.

4. Hate pulling of plasters? A drop of baby shampoo on the adhesive part of a plaster will stop it from being sticky so it will peal off pain free!

5. Got a stain on the carpet, don't splash out on expensive cleaners, baby shampoo will remove the stains for you and make your carpet softer!

The best part is you can pick up 500ml for £3.35 and it will last ages! It's always on offer and Boots are currently selling for £1.50, you just can't beat it! 


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