Have you tried the Guerlain Super Aqua Serum Light?

I was so glad to pick the Guerlain Super Aqua-Serum Light after finishing my Secret Divin Serum. Luckily I came across two sachets in my stash and was able to trial for more than 2 weeks, my top tip for these style samples is to dispense them into a little pot to ensure you get the most out of the product. Most contain way to much for one use and I personally hate having open sachets!

According to Guerlain, the water circulating our skin naturally becomes polluted causing dehydration and wrinkles. The serum contains an Aquacomplex that purifies cellular water to relaunch hydration flows and infuse the skin in pure water. As always it sounds very impressive....So the super-aqua serum light clams 30 hours of hydration (sceptic?), whilst plumping and defend against wrinkles. At 21 wrinkles aren't a huge concern of mine but I do believe in prevention which requires hydration.

Always dispense your sachets into a pot!

The product doesn't look (or smell) like anything special, just a milky white lotion with that cold cream kind of smell. However, smoothing a dab of this over my face felt absolutely lovely. I'm not going to lie, it feels quite silicon heavy which I personally don't mind as it makes my skin feel so silky. The hydration it provides is exceptional, it's not heavy at all but absorbs nicely into the skin providing a luminous demi-matte finish. I agree that the hydration lasts all day, it never felt dry or irritated. I notice my skin became softer and less flaky (eww!) whilst I was using the serum, however I have a few fine lines on my forehead and I haven't seen any improvement, but then again I only used it for about 2 weeks.

Whilst I think it's a great serum, I won't being buying. Mainly because it's £71/30ml!!!!! Talk about bank breaking. I personally am not that desperate for extra hydration, and I have no doubt there are probably products out there that can provide the same level of hydration and possible even the same lovely finish. I also felt that you had to use more product because it doesn't stretch as far as other serums. However if you looking for hydration and/or are feeling rather flush there is no reason not to buy this product as it is very nice, oily skin types could even use it as a moisturiser in the summer. If you are considering buying this it's easy enough to get a sample from the Geurlain counter and if you are quick Escentual (who sell for £67.50) also have 20% off at the moment!

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