Village Candle Winter Wonderland - Winter is Sweet

Is there anything better than burning a candle on a cold winters night?

My mum bought me this for christmas christmas thinking it was a Yankee Candle. I must admit that I also thought this until I couldn't find it on the website.

Too be fair this could be easily be mistaken for a Yankee Candle, the jar and design look so similar, however this doesn't make it a bad candle, I actually really like. This huge jar has about 105 hour burn time with 2 wicks. Thats 4 days straight of constant burning!!!!!!

Looks like freshly fallen snow, just smells much sweeter

When solid, I think the wax looks rather beautiful, it glistens just like fallen snow, but it smells so incredibly sweet, it's almost sickly. The scent is describe as frosty evergreen garland blended with Siberian balsam and white cedar wood. To me it smells of sweets, like lollipops but with a fresher greener note.

Then scent is not as strong when burning but incredibly fresh. I would say it's that strong, in-fact it's not that noticeable. It's perfect for those who don't like strong smells in their home but want to freshen up the air without letting in the cold. I personally love to have strong smells drifting around my room so I must confess and say I wouldn't buy this again, for me it's just not strong enough.

Do you like jar candles or do you prefer other home fragrances?

I have't gone looking for the price as this was a present after all. However I have had a look at the complete range on the website. I would't mind trying more from the collection and seeing what else they do.


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