Tip 2: Nice Nails

Do you treat you nails often, if so what are your steps?

Lately I have been spending a lot of time on my nails, making sure they are healthy and they look nice. I have found my nails are now stronger and varnish application is smoother and looks so much better. I though I would share my tips with you all.

So my first step of course is to of course remove any old nail polish, be aware this does damage the nails so it's important to treat them carefully after this. My next step is to file them into a shape, I do this twice a week so they don't usually get to long. Start from the outside filing towards to middle, and always remember to file in one direction so you don't break the nail.

Now gently push back or remove the cuticles to make the nails look longer. After this grab some baking powder and a bowl, and make a past using warm water, dip your nails into the paste make sure the baking powder paste is underneath and on top of the nails. This little trick will not only clean the nails but will also help to whiten the tips, baking powder is seriously amazing, and I will have to do a full dedicated post soon!!!! When a couple of minutes have passed, wash the paste of and dry thoroughly. After your nails are clean and dry you can either buff (I do this once a week or less), or move straight onto the next step. 

I use a 3 step nail buffer, (you can pick these us very cheaply) to create a smooth surface with no ridges, I find this helps the polish look more perfect and smooth on the nail. The first step is to use the buffer (roughest side or board) to smooth down the nail and get rid of any ridges (be sure it's not a file though or you will damage your nails). Start from the bottom of the nail moving back and forth gently until you reach the tip. After this your nails will look really dull so you will need to use the smoother side (second smoothest) to remove any residue from the buffing and create a smooth surface that is glossy to touch. This will also help to stimulate blood flow helping the nails grow quicker. Finally use the polisher (smoothest side) to create a super shiny and smooth finish by quickly rubbing the surface over the nails. They now should look like a very natural french manicure.

Smooth, Clean and Ready for Varnish!!!!

After all that rough treatment you want to condition and treat the nails nicely. I like to use an oil around the cuticles and a conditioning and strengthening polish to keep my nails healthy and stop breakages. I also like to use hand cream to treat my finger tips after all their hard work. If you like you can paint your nail (I tend to) and you should notice the difference in how smooth the polish look, and even need less coats if it's a darker colour. If not you can leave your nails with a natural and very healthy look.

Before I leave I would like to share few more tips of general care. File your nails regularly and keep them shorter to stop them from breaking and to make the easier to clean. Use cuticle oil often to keep them looking healthy, and take vitamin tablets to ensure your nail growth, is fast and strong.

Hope you have find these tips helpful, please let me know if you have any to share.


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