Diorskin Nude Skin BB Creme - Secrets of an English Rose

Are you a magpie for luxury beauty products, and do you think there worth it?

BB creams have often been referred to as glorified tinted moisturisers, but the Diorskin Nude BB Creme truly makes the cut. Being Dior it's pricy, and i'm sure the price has gone up since the hype surrounding it started, but is it worth the splurge?

So starting with basics the packaging chic but practical, keeping class with a silver lid and pump that dispenses the perfect amount of product (enough for the whole face with a bit left over for areas that need extra attention). I really like the tube style packaging, it may not hold the same elegance as a foundation bottle, but I can pack it in a bag with out worrying about cracks, scratches and leaks. I'm also guessing it makes accessing the very last scrapings of the makeup easier, which when a product has a £30 price tag, is definitely a bonus.

The tube is classy but doesn't have the usual foundation bottle beauty, but does that matter?

I first tried this in Debenhams on the hunt for an effective BB creme, I had read so many positive reviews it felt rude not to try in out. They didn't have my shade (Light) in stock but trying out the medium, I felt immediately in love with the silky texture and and flawless finish and ended up ordering online from Escentual that evening for £25.50 (back then).

The colour light is perfect for those with paler skin tones as it has a lovely pinkish glow to it, which gives colour and radiance and stops a ghosty finish. I would say the finish is quite matt but thats not to say its not flattering as its still very luminous. I still trying to get over the coverage, it's incredible and better than some foundations out there and it blends so easily the finish is natural but flawless. My only complaint is it that areas of flaky skin stand out quite a bit, so make sure you exfoliate and use a nice hydrating base before application.

The Peachy Pink Creme give a lovely radiant finish, fit for an english rose.

The BB creme boasts natural organic ingredients that protect and hydrate the skin. It also offers an SPF 10 which will be good enough for those days when the summer sun goes in to hiding (most days in England).

Overall I've loved experiencing Diorskin Nude BB Creme and it's lasted a long time, but I find myself struggling to use it on a daily basis due to the cost. Even on special days I feel myself looking for something more than a BB Creme. It's a special product but i'm not sure where it fits or can be justified in my routine. If you are interested the best place to buy it is probably All Beauty who are currently selling it for £25.95 rather than £30.


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