Maybeline Colour Tattoo Pink Gold, for Those Looking to be Glamantic

The Maybeline Colour Tattoo Range is Well Known for it's Quality
Rose gold is one of my favourite colours at the moment. It's such a beautiful twist a on traditionally luxury colours that is really flattering for my skin tone. Wearing the Maybeline Colour Tattoo Pink Gold gives that expensive feel to your every day look. It's something fit for a princess, naturally classy. It's so easy to apply in the morning and instantly make you look awake and glamorous without looking overdressed.

Budget Friendly and Great Quality
It's always nice to see drug store products that make you feel expensive. When everyone says 'I really like your eyeshadow!' and your thinking "it was £4.99", theres a guilt free pleasure you can't help but enjoy. Pink Gold is a lovely creamy formula that applies like a dream, 2 seconds to smother your lids and your left with romantically glamorous eyes that will make even the strongest weak at the knees. You will get a bit of creasing but its always hard to avoid with cream formulas and for the price it's hard to complain.

I apologise for the bad lighting, the colours a lot more pink in daylight, although it should be taken into consideration that un-natural lighting will make this colour look murky, it looks so much prettier in person!!!!

The pot is hefty and feels expensive, if it wasn't for the rather plain retail style packaging on the lid, you would think this is worth a lot more than it is. I do think the size of the pot can be difficult to get your finger in and I find I keep getting the product under my nails which is very frustrating!!!! I personally find the easiest way to pick it up is using a brush (the real techniques deluxe crease brush is a perfect fit). This is my main complaint because the nice thing about cream formulas is not having to get your brushes out when your in a rush.

The colour looks quite dark and glittery in the pot, but when applied to the lid it's a lovely light pink with satin finish and golden undertones that warm the colour. The first layer is pigmented but subtle and makes for a lovely natural day look. If you build up the colour you get something a bit more sexy and perfect for a romantic meal, however if you do build up the colour you are more likely to get creasing.

Overall I really like these, they are not perfect but you can't expect that for the price. The product it's self is great, I just wish the packaging was easier to get my finger in. I haven't tried any other colours from the Maybeline Colour Tattoo range but what I love about the Pink Gold is it can double as a very subtle blush that gives a pink tinted highlight to the cheeks adding to the Glamantic feel. You can pretty much pick these up everywhere, you can see the full range on the Maybeline Website.


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