Tip 1 - Washing your Hair the Right Way

Who knew that how you wash your hair makes such a difference to it's condition. I thought it was all in the product but after following advice from my hairdresser, my hair has never been so healthy and easy to manage. So for my first Tip, I thought I would share with you the best way to wash your hair.

So it goes with out saying wet your hair first with warm water to open the cuticles, then I use a small amount of a cleansing style shampoo (I personally go for a volumizing one) and spread it evenly onto the top of my head, gently massaging it into the scalp to lather it up. Try to avoid pulling your hair forward and backwards too mush other wise it will tangle, this first step will remove most dirt and grime.

Use a Volumizing Shampoo followed by a Moisturising Shampoo for a clean but hydrated scalp.

You may of been told not to shampoo twice as it will strip the hair, my hairdresser explained you should as the first time is to cleanse and the second is to treat. I use a moisturising or nourishing shampoo for my second choice, to treat my scalp and the rest of my hair, applying using the same technique as the first shampoo. You will find this time it should lather up more which indicates the hair is clean, I then smooth the lathered shampoo down the rest of my hair to gently cleanse it. I don't spread the first shampoo down the rest of my hair as I don't want to dry it out. I find using the two different shampoos in this order leaves my hair clean and lasts longer, but stops irritation and dandruff caused by lack of moisture to the scalp.

Combing your hair with conditioner will stop breakages and ensure the conditioner is distributed evenly.

For the conditioner, I spread it evenly between my palms and smooth it over the hair from the ears down, I have quite long hair so I will sometimes smooth more over the ends. Try and leave it in as long as possible whilst you go about your other shower business. Never rub in the conditioner as this will cause tangles! I find the best way to spread it evenly through the hair is to comb it through. Although hair is weaker when it's wet, the conditioner will make it a lot easier to untangle and will stop it from snapping. I use the tangle teezer splash but a large tooth comb will also work. You should rise the conditioner out with colder water (not the nicest thing in the world but the best way to do it) to close the cuticles and lock in the moisture. Run your finger through your hair to help remove the product. 

Finally when you have turned of the water smooth and squeeze the water out your hair and then pat down gently will a towel to remove access water.

By doing this you should suffer from less irritation and be able to go longer in between washes. You will also find your hair is less tangled and easier to brush and manage.

So I will admit this was a long and hefty tip but I hope it helps. Let me know if you try it and share your favourite products.


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