L'oreal Nude Magique BB Cream (S)

Do this look like a BB Cream to You?
My next lucky dip is the L'oreal Nude Magique BB Cream in Medium; both a disaster and learning curb for me.

An important lesson was learnt with this product, and that is always to research a product before you try it and not after? Why, I was expecting a primer, (the 'medium' posted on the sachet should have been a give away) however as I rubbed the product onto my face I turned into a tangerine. Very awkward when your about to head down to the local shops.

Now I always told myself I would never review a product negatively on the understanding that different people will have different opinions and needs, but I am struggling with this one, a foundation/BB Cream that changes colour on the skin???? It just seems rather deceptive.

Doing some research I realised that this product is a BB cream (not that you would ever think it!!!!). The idea is it changes colour when you apply it to your skin and turns into a light but hydrating foundation that provides a flawless dewy glow.

Now I know first impressions and one go trials aren't the best way to judge a product but I can firmly say you will not see me buying the full sized version based on this tiny trial. The lilac cream speckled with purple is what initially fooled me into thinking this was a primer. It smelled like paint, but did look like it would spread on the skin smooth, however I found this was not the case, it felt thick and rather drying. What did impress me is how my pores suddenly vanished as if by 'magique'.

However when I moved into the bathroom to get better lighting I realised I had turned a rather unfavourable shade of orange, and the more I rubbed and blended the product into the skin the worse it got. It felt very drying and uncomfortable even on my combination skin. I wanted to give the product a fair trial so I left it on all day. At the end of this day my skin felt muggy and clogged, I noticed a number of blemishes had grown on my face. When I removed my makeup my skin looked like it had been abused and was definitely in need of a bit of TLC.

While I can't be certain this product caused my breakout, I can be certain it felt heavy and uncomfortable on my skin, It was certainly my own fault I ended up looking orange, but then again is a skin coverage product that changes colour really a good idea?

You can pick this up in Boots for £9.99. There are only two shade, Light and Medium. I think at £9.99 there are much better BB creams and foundations out there, this was doesn't even have SPF!!!!

Please refer to this post for more information on my sample reviews.


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