The Start of the Sunday Sampler

Only a small Selection of my Collection!!!!
So here is a picture of my samples draw. A draw filled with tiny products I'm saving as treats for special occasions. Believe it or not I treat myself quite regularly, this build up has occurred through beauty boxes, online orders and the lovely ladies on the makeup counters. With some of these I do actually own the full sized products but have been given the sample as a miniature to take away with me. Seriously make friends with the people at your local beauty counters, they can provide you with all sorts of handy tips, solutions and of course, samples.

So why am I raving about samples? I thought it was time to cut down this hoarding problem and provide you with some 'would I buy?' information.

There is NO way I am saying that you can judge a product properly based on a sample, I particularly emphasise this when it comes to skincare. The samples I will be testing will give an idea of the initial product and immediate effects only. I will also be looking at other reviews and of course the science behind it (don't worry I will warn when the science is coming). Hopefully this can help us both decide whether a product is worth our precious time and money.

The main reason for this post is to ensure people I'm not trying to pass of reviews based on samples as solid, completely informative reviews, but rather if they might be worth taking a look at. I know people can be very funny about reviews and the length of time a product is tested, and for good reason. Products can be very expensive and you want to know it will suit you long term, not that you will just like the initial effect.

You will see links to this post in the future, this is just so new readers are aware of my intentions. In the meantime I can't wait to start my Sunday Sampler posts and hope you are looking forward to them to.


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