Wunderlist and the Wonders of Organisation

Wunderlist is one of the best apps for organising your life

Wunderlist is one of my all time favourite apps, it helps keep me on top of all my important (and non-important) things. I'm no good with paper, I loose it, never look at it and throw away important information, with Wunderlist I can jot down anything, anywhere and never forget about it.

But it's more than just noting down things, it helps me mange my finance, my time and my aspirations. I've been finding it particular useful for starting my blog, helping me to organise posts by seeing what I need to do and when it needs to be done. I can add sub tasks, notes to tasks, set dates and reminders and mark important information really quickly and easily.

Best of all you can have as many lists as you like and it's free to use. I particularly love that you can share lists with other people. Me and my boyfriend have 'buy lists' which are basically things we want and are saving for, I started it to help stop me impulse buying but now we share lists to give each other some inspiration if we are struggling for gift ideas. Best part is it's still a surprise!!!!

I would seriously suggest looking into this app if your looking to organise your life a bit better, wether your planning to loose weight, save money or plan a holiday, Wunderlist can help you achieve anything!!!!


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