MAC Cremesheen (Speed Dial) - The Safe Option

The Famous MAC Lipstick, Whats Your Shade?
Mac lipsticks are the stars of the lipstick world. They win awards each years and are constantly raved about by other blogs. I'm afraid I will not be the exception.

Speed dial is a bright but light pink. It packs enough colour to not be considered natural yet it isn't loud enough to take you out your comfort zone. It's perfect for those who want to start experimenting with brighter colours. The colour is very barbie, it's fun and flirty and looks great when paired with other brights. A lovely colour for spring and summer, but is can still be worn in winter, with cobalt blue it looks fantastic.

The lipstick is no way near this bright on lips or in person, it's looks more peachy in the tube but is very pink on the lips

The plain black bullet like packaging to me is boring. It may be sleek and professional but I find it lacks the glamour and fun that other brands out. I feel a more attractive design would persuade me to buy more. However in saying that, I can see why it would be perfect for a makeup artist. It may not have much glamour but it's compact, sturdy and reliable

In terms of formula, I don't feel it's living up the the hype. It's creamy and pigmented but it lacks the hydration and and luxurious feel of the more expensive brands. I would advised exfoliating dry lips before use as I found it make any flakes stand out (ewww!!!!)

The colour in this picture is actually pretty accurate for how this appears in person, is it something you would wear?

For £15 it's a brilliant lipstick but it's no dupe for the likes of Channel. There are also many budget lipsticks that can perform equally as well if you pick up the right one. For me, MAC Cremesheens are a safe and reliable option.

Mac Lipsticks are available at most department stores, Speedial can be found on the Website for £15.50. They have such a large collection though, I can't wait to check out some other colours!!!!


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