Colab Dry Shampoo Rio - What We Have All Been Waiting For

So this picture is clearly not doing the product justice, I must apologise I have't had much time to focus on my photography lately. 
So who hasn't heard of Colab Dry Shampoo? Created by the Incredible Ruth Crilly of A Model Recommends, I knew I had to buy this product and I'm so glad I did!!!!

So I'm no stalker but I have a 'little' obsession with Ruth Crilly. A Model Recommends was the first ever beauty blog I ever came across and I have been addicted ever since. I'm sure you will have already checked her blog out, but if not seriously recommend heading over to it. What I also didn't realise until I checked out the website was that the amazing Pixiwoo sisters Nic and Sam Chapman are also involved in the brand. I love real techniques brush so I can't wait to see what future products Colab are going to release!!!!

I suppose you could argue that my love for Ruth Crilly makes this review biased, but I have been as fair as I could and can fairly say that this product is everything I need in a daily dry shampoo. I always have it within easy reach as I find I use it every other day.

Having quite fine hair, I can't go more than 2 days without washing it or it goes greasy. I also find that with Batiste my hair is left with white patches and it just takes far too much effort to rub in the shampoo, and by the end of the day my scalp if left feeling dry and clogged up. Colab on the other hand is just what I have been looking for!!!!

The invisible formula is seriously invisible, you spray it on and you can't even see it. It's also really light weight so my scalp doest feel dry or clogged up, and I've noticed since switching to Colab my hair is less like to frizz. The only thing I would point out, is if you planning to use this to remove some serious flat greasy hair this won't work unless you use half a can, as the formula is just not that powerful. For me thats not a problem as I use this to freshen day old hair only, my hair very rarely gets to the point where this isn't good enough.

I think Rio is defiantly my favourite scent, although I may go wild and purchase Tokyo next!!!!. Rio is beautifully tropical (my favourite) and reminds me of holiday cocktails, this would be an essential on a summer holiday, although it's a nice refreshing scent for the everyday, especially when the weathers not to good. The notes are papaya and pineapple with a cassis heart, it just makes me think of the cocktail Blue Lagoon and is so beautiful and refreshing. 

So overall I would definitely recommend this for daily (or every other day use), but for a night out where your looking for a bit of volume, I wouldn't personally recommend this product. But on the brighter side Colab have just released their Extreme Volume range which I can't wait to try!!!!

You can check out the Colab on the website and it can be bought online at feelunique or at superdrug stores. At £3.49 it's very affordable and competitive and it also lasts for ages, but if your not sure try the travel sized for £1.99. The mini is perfect for holidays or to keep in your bag for emergencies!!!


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