The Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream - Malibu for the Body

Do you like body shop shower creams?
So here is where my coconut craziness gradually unfolds....I own so many coconut flavoured products from the body shop, including this delicious shower cream of which I have went through many bottles.

The Body Shop has now given this bottle a makeover, but the formula is still the same.
So in the bottle it doesn't look like anything that special and I suppose to a certain extent it is just coconut scented body wash, but if you use your imagination, this clear and basic bottle can transport you back to your tropical holidays.

This pearly liquid foams and cleanses beautifully
The shower cream oozes from the bottle as a thick pearly white goo which I like to massage into a loather, you only need a small amount to create a lot of lather. It foams up really well into silky white bubbles that cleanse the skin leaving you squeaky clean!!!! Coming from The Body Shop the product is made of natural ingredients, and even contains a favourite of mine: pure virgin coconut oil (See My Post Here). The results are clean skin that isn't left stripped and dry by harsh chemicals, but beautifully hydrated and nourished. You are also left with a beautiful sweet tropical coconut scent that will stay with you for a couple of hours, it's great for summer evening or winter escapes.

You can get the shower cream at The Body Shop and check out the other products in this range too. At £4/250ml this product makes a great budget product to treat yourself with as it lasts so long. I have also received this in a number of gift sets and I think it's a great product to give to a friend who's always dreaming of tropical escapes.


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