Lee Stafford Double Blow Mousse and the Path to Big Bouncy Hair

Are you a fan of Lee Stafford?

I have been using this mousse for years, I love it. I was first attracted when I saw it claimed non-crispy hair. Everyone in high school was telling me to 'scrunch mousse' my hair (anyone else do that?), but I hated the crispy feeling it left. Fortunately Lee Stafford offered the perfect solution.

So I may not be a fan of the metallic pink can but the product is brilliant. In fact it even won and award in 2010, it may be old but it's still going. It claims extra volume with no stiff, sticky or crispy hair, which is generally true. It has a fairly nice smell, not strong or over powering just clean mainly. You have to shake the can quite violently to get the mousse out properly, you only need to dispense a small amount of product as it really puffs up to at least double the size, it's quite fascinating to watch.

What do you think of the metallic pink can?

So when I was younger I liked to scrunch this into my hair to define my curls. Now I'm older I know how I should really be using this, too add volume to my fine flat hair! You only need a palm sized amount which should be massaged into the roots of wet hair. A friend said that she added mousse to her roots for volume and then just let it dry naturally, I personally found this left my hair feeling a bit tacky and weighed down. However if you blow dry your hair you are left with better volume but a natural finish and movement, I won't lie and say it feels like theres no product, but it is certainly a lot better than other mousses. 

I love the way mousse doubles in size, it's so foamy and fun!!!!

The main point of this mousse is to apply twice and blow dry again, but really who has time for that? When i'm really making an effort I will actually do the two step process and I can't deny it works quite well, just not well enough to justify the extra time for general use.

If your looking for a mousse that will provide volume and not make your hair feel like tin foil then I would defiantly check this out. You can get the Lee Stafford Double Blow Mousse for a very reasonable £5.99/200ml, which can usually be found in an offer at Boots which makes a fantastic buy which I would defiantly recommend.


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