Guerlain Secret Divin Skin Perfecting Serum - A Golden Elixer

Could skincare possibly look more luxurious?

So truth be told luxury items like this are way out of my price range, at £59 for 30ml the Guerlain Secret Divin Skin Perfecting Serum pushes the boundaries of my budget. Fortunately when I was looking for a new day serum, I stumbled upon this one in offer in Debenhams. It sounded perfect for my needs, improves quality of skin tone and texture whilst delaying the signs of ageing. With the help of a few vouchers I snapped up this lovely little gem for under £40, BARGAIN!!!!

When it came in the post, I was instantly in awe of the beautiful royal blue glass bottle and the shiny golden lid. It's a gorgeous little thing to have sitting on a dressing table, but lets not forget it's not about the packaging looks but how it aids the overall product.

The royal blue colour looks so beautiful and bright in the light

Im pleased to say the bottle dispenses the perfect amount of peachy gold product in one pump (which would be expected at this pice. The formula is very thick but easily spread over and absorbed into the the face, in-fact it feels loaded with silicon and very much like a primer. True to it's promise the skin does instantly feel smoother and softer,with a more radiant aura. This serum really is perfect for day as it has a matt-ish finish which stops shine, you could actually wear it without moisturiser in the summer as it's nice and hydrating. The formula apparently contains Blue Gold. It's incredibly hard to find information on this ingredient, it's kept very secret, but apparently it's a precious oil from a rare seaweed and pure gold. No wonder this stuff is so expensive, the gold sounds perfect for creating radiance. I just wish I could find out more about this special seaweed!

You may be able to just make out the flecks of gold, I seriously need a better camera lens!

I have also noticed improvements in my skin since I've been using. You know those ridiculous spots that are huge and bright read and can sometimes take weeks to disappear? This serum somehow manages to to take them down in a couple of days. My skin tone is definitely a lot more even, balanced, and less sensitive. At 21 I am too young to comment on the ageing side but I do know that prevention is better than a cure. The complex formula apparently works at the heart of the epidermis to improve the skin construction process, helping cells to keep shape and organise themselves together keeping the skins surface smooth, whilst regulating the pigments making skin more even and radiant. According to the booklet, the improved quality of the skin will help fight against stress, pollution etc, which accelerate ageing.

My experience with the serum has really upped my intrigue into super luxury skin care. The Guerlain collection is not only beautiful to look at but delivers incredible results. I'm desperate to try the Midnight Secret Late Night Recovery Treatment that is so raved about. Whilst in all honesty the serum is not affordable at full price for me, I can't deny that it's not worth the big price tag, I may not be picking this up straight away, but if you can find it on an offer I would seriously try it. You can find Guerlain skin care on the website or find it at Selfridges


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