Ever Since Manicure Kit - A Box of Perfect Nails

Have you heard of luxury brand Ever Since?

Last week I gave a post on how the get nice nails. I thought I would share with you today a lovely little set I picked up from Costco (of all places!) that is the perfect set to get you started.

This manicure kit is from the luxury dead sea products brand Ever Since.  I tried some of their other products in the store and they where very impressive, my hands had never felt softer. It was actually a man who manicured my nail in Costco, and I could not believe how smooth and shiny it looked. Inside the box you get a glass nail file, a 3 step buffer, cuticle oil and a hand and body lotion.

Step 1 makes super smooth and shiny nails

The glass nail file is very nice, nothing complicated in terms of design, just a file that will last for a very long time and keeps your nails sharp and shaped. The buffer is also very good, I own quite a few of these and I am quite cautious of over buffing my nails, but this buffer is very gentle. It remove any ridges quickly and effectively without causing any damage, and creates the smoothest and shiniest nails you will ever see. Does anyone else get excited by their nails being super shiny?

My favourite product is the cuticle oil. It looks and applies like a nail varnish, which makes it so easy to use as you literally just paint the oil onto your cuticle, no mess or madness. This yellow coloured oil smells so lovely in my opinion, it reminds me of the sea and has a really fresh but salty smell. I have also found my cuticle are in much better condition since I have started using, they no longer get dry or peel, so I can really recommend this oil.

Step 2 leaves your cuticles and hands looking healthy and smelling fabulous!

Finally you get the hand and body lotion which comes in either Blossom or Elixer. I have blossom and it smells very nice. It's not an amazing scent and I wouldn't go crazy for it, just a nice light floral lotion for the hands and body. It personally doesn't provide me with enough hydration for my hands, but then again I do suffer from eczema (caused by washing up would you believe). However for the body this is a nice light non sticky treat that absorbs easily and smells nice.

I would definitely recommend this set. Buy it for your self as a treat or a friend, sister, mother as I also think it makes a lovely gift. At £35 I think this is very well priced for what you get, the rest of the products on the website are rather expensive but if your looking to treat someone, you should definitely take a look.


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