January Summary

What was your favourite post from January?

So it's officially the end of the new year promises and if you haven't broken them already well done to you. So some of mine iv'e stuck to and are becoming daily routines, others I never even started (but plan to soon...eventually..)

Thinking about the beauty world it has been a very exciting month with great brands launching exciting products. Benefits Puff Off has really got me intrigued, and the news of Jo Malone Rock the Ages keeps making my heart flutter, I'm saving my cash for March! Theres no information on the website yet so I'm tracking all the bloggers for updates. What beauty launches have got you excited?

In my own little beauty bubble...now I have started blogging, I have really started noticing and thinking about the products I use more. Foundations that weren't as good as I thought they where and little under looked heroes (look out for reviews). Whilst my hair has been pretty good this January, my skin has been like a roller coster. Days with huge red glowing spots, and days with soft, smooth and clear skin. I all fairness after running out of my Elemis cleanser and toner, I have switched to different products which may be the cause, not to say the products are bad, I'm fairly impressed so far.

If you read my tea pig trials, you may have been under the impression I was having a healthy January. That was the plan, and although i'm eating slightly healthier, I still haven't got round to the exercise....but I will....

So whats in store for February?

You may also have noticed that there are some empty pages on my blog, e.g. look book and tutorials. More things I have not yet got round to doing, but I have started them. Unfortunately January ended up being quite stressful and set me back a bit, but i'm over it now and hopefully will be back on track soon.

I will also be facing my driving test this month! I can not wait to start driving, I know there is public transport, but it takes so long, and if I want to take my photography gear it can be quite awkward. I can not wait to have the freedom to start exploring, who knows where it will take me. I now also have glasses, for some reason I do not really suit them, I wish I did but I must have went through every pair in the shop. I hope I get used to them soon!!!

Most exciting next month is Valentines Day! I love valentines day, I can't deny that having a wonderful boyfriend helps, but a day dedicated to love and special treats bring out the old romantic in me...expect some rather loved up and romance themes products and posts! Are you looking forwards to Valentines Day?

I would love to hear about your January and what your plans are for February.


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