Elemis Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser - Just Like Any Other Rose

Extremely Gentle Rose Smelling Cleanser
The Elemis Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser was recommended to me by a lovely lady on the Elemis counter. I was looking for a new cleanser and toner that would help control my balance my skin, but wouldn't break the bank. We settled on the Rehydrating set with the Ginseng Toner and a mini Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm (reviews coming soon).

Admittedly I broke one of my number one rules, try before you buy. Not to say this is a bad cleanser, but I will not be repurchasing. You can see from the bottle I have given it a good go, however it just doesn't stand out for me or meet my needs. I found this is useless for removing makeup, however if you use a oil cleaner before hand, this is great for not stripping the skin, although suffering from combination this was not enough for me. I do think this is nice in the morning, especially if your heading out on a cold day.

Nearly at the end of the bottle, but probably won't repurchase.
If you do have dry skin though you will probably enjoy this product more than I have, the formula is really creamy, soft and gentle. It smooths over the skin causing no upset just gently removing any excess oils and dirt. Rose is a scent I don't mind, but I don't love it either, however this cleanser is not at all overpowering, it has a slightly rosy scent, just enough to make it fresh. With rose being the main ingredient, the cleanser really helps to calm and soothe the skin, but at the same time rose is antibacterial so it should in theory be perfect for combination skin.

Pure White and Creamy, It Doesn't Foam but Sits on the Skin

You will see on the ingredients list the cleanser also boasts Lethicin, in other words FAT. This comes from the cleansers egg-yolk base and helps to hydrate and repair the skin, the high amounts of fatty-acids allow it to encourage cell growth and functions. Being full of vitamins E and F also help to support the soothing and hydrating effect.

This is certainly a morning cleanser or for no makeup days. It would be perfect for someone with dry and sensitive skin but for me it just does not do enough. I would defiantly try other cleansers for Elemis though. I like the bottle, it is simple enough and it has a smooth but mat finish, so you don't accidentally drop it when your hands are wet. The pump design also helps you get the perfect amount of cleanser so there is not waste, and it's also a lot more hygienic.

Bottle aside, this cleanser it just not right for me, but if you know someone who has dry skin looking for a morning cleanser, or someone who doesn't wear makeup, this could be a good cleanser for them.

Elemis is a popular spa brand thats pretty easy to find, the Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser is rather pricy for £22 (200ml) in my opinion, I think theres cheaper milk cleansers out there that are just as good if not better.


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