The Long Road to Health

Healthy Eating is Hard When You Get So Many Sweets and Chocolate from Christmas to Distract You!!!!

So a lot of people out there will have said that for their new year resolution they want to loose, weight, get fit and be more healthy. I say this every year, but each year I usually fail. If your looking to start cutting out all junk, and living of green things only, stop now. Most diets fail because they don't make us happy and leave us craving even more. I've done diets and failed, I've tried to go cold turkey on junk food and failed.

Last year I realised the real secret of success, making small changes gradually will lead to more energy, better concentration and more motivation to loose weight and exercise.

This year I'm GOING TO LOOSE WEIGHT!!!! Not because some one has told me I should or because I think I'm fat, but because I want to feel more energetic and help sort out my own beauty issues that annoy me. Improving your health will improve your skin, hair etc and theres no denying confidence.

So to help me on my journey I have made a diary using Excel to record my progress, I will recording my daily choices and tallying them at the end of each week, along with my body measurements. I'm using measurements rather than weight as I feel it's more accurate. When you exercise you gain muscle and your natural bone mass plus other factors can make guessing and aiming for weight loss quite complicated. Recording yourself shrink on the other hand is more motivating and easier to track (I guess i'm really going to loose inches this year!!!!). My diary is a little complicated but I plan to reveal it soon for anyone who wants to follow.

I hope some of you will join me, I'm looking forward to sharing tips and hearing of success. Please only do this if you want to, not because society wants you to.


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