Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail with a shot of Chlorophyll and the Super Skin Boost

Have you tried anything from Time Bomb?

This rather interesting little bottle was very kindly sent to me to try, there are three complexion cocktails to choose from, all targeting specific needs. I went for the one with a shot of Chlorophyll which is for stressed skin, there is also 'a shot of B12' for dull skin and 'a shot of H2Omega' for dehydrated skin.

As I have previously mentioned March has been a pretty hectic month, and normally I would be ridden with huge spots taking residence on my face. Thankfully this handy little gem has helped to keep them at bay. Time Bomb isn't a brand I was familiar with but after checking out their website I was curious about their scientific approach and numerous awards! I'm not sure I agree with their motto 'the clock stops here' as I don't agree with making ageing a negative thing, although I must admit I want to prevent it as much as I can.

So what is a complexion cocktail? I was trying to figure out if it was a toner or a treatment. It's described as a skin tonic with super-potent skin-boosting shots. There is no real instructions of when to apply other than to apply to dry skin. Personally I have been using it after toner and before serum as a booster when I feel stressed or when my skin looks like it needs some TLC. I'm thinking it could be a western alternative to essence popular in Asian skincare (that I'm desperate to try)! The bottle isn't super luxurious but it is fun! It's like hollywood decided to go all natural and vegan! All in all it's a plastic green bottle with a silver screw top lid and mainly writing taking up most of the empty green space. What I really tike is that the product comes out of a small hole rather than the whole opening (if you get what I mean) as it allows better control over the product helping to prevent using too much.

Time Bombs cocktails contains 2 types of Hyaluronic Acid, an ingredient that is found naturally in our extra-cellular matrix which provides structural support to our cells. It also can hold 100ml of water per gram and helps our skin to retain moisture. The result is more elastic and hydrated skin that as we know can prevent and reduce the effects of ageing! A shot of Chlorophyll also contains Red Clover, a wheat-based botanical extract (?), and of course Chlorophyll, which is high in anti-oxidants such as vitamins A, C and E. Studies have also shown it to have anti-bacterial properties which makes it perfect for acne and skin exposed to high levels of pollution. Red Clover can also help reduce redness and inflammation, whilst according to the time bomb website, the wheat-based botanical extract is also rich in peptides and antioxidants.

The cocktail is basically a clear watery solution that smells very fresh, in fact it smell like grapes which I love! It's lovely and refreshing on the skin yet feels very soothing and hydrating, it absorbs easily and generally makes my skin feel more comfortable and refreshed than a toner, but no quite as hydrated as a serum. The results have also been quite impressive, when using twice daily it seems to help prevent spots, or when using on acne ridden skin it seems to help clear it up quite quickly. I say help because I use it in a routine of other skin clearing and healing products. Being 21, I can't really comment on the ageing effects, but judging on how nice and refreshed my skin feels after use, it's probably doing a good job!

I would be interested to try more products from Time Bomb, but I would like to see them adjust there rather negative attitude towards ageing (Jane from British Beauty Blogger has been inspiring me again!). The complexion cocktails are £24/100ml but it seems to last a long time and considering the ingredients and the results, I don't think it's a bad price.


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