Tangle Teezer Splash and a No Knot Tale

The tangle teezer has taken the beauty world by storm with it's quick and painless methods for detangling hair. Honestly most days I do not brush my hair. With it being naturally curly, if I brush it the curls come out and i'm left with a not quite wavy mess of frizz. Instead I prefer to brush my locks in the comfort of a shower.

I know that this is really a big NO as hair is weaker and more likely to break when wet. However, when slathered in conditioner, it's the perfect way to detangle your locks. There is no denying that the tangle teezer splash is big and bulky compared to it's original cousin, but it's super easy to grip and glides though hair like a dream! It stands up right so the water drains of easily and and unlike with other combs and brushes I have tried, I haven't had any problems with mould forming (Eww!).

Honestly, this brush has changed my hair for the better, since putting blonde on my ends, my hair used to tangle so badly and quickly, but since using the tangle teezer splash the tangles come out so easily. My hair feels softer and more hydrated as the conditioner is reaching every inch of my hair thanks to the little teeth!

There is really not much more to say, it's a brush for the shower, it works wonders, and I really rate it! It's £13.99 and you can get it in a range of lovely colours, it's also currently on offer for £8.99 at fragrance direct!


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