Chapter 4 - Travel Dreamer

I just realised it's April, and I completely forgot to do a March Summary and a Chapter 4!!!!! Life has been so hectic at the moment I didn't even notice the month had changed! So in an attempt to combine the two, here we go! 

In this chapter I thought I would share a little bit about my love of travel since throughout March I have been searching for hours for my prefect holiday. I'm pleased to announce that I finally booked it and in 82 days I will be exploring Greek ruins and sampling some Mediterranean life in Crete!

I love to travel, possible more than I love beauty, and if it wasn't for commitment to my amazing boyfriend, I would probably be on a never ending gap year! However I am happy to compromise and go away a couple of times a year for weeks filled with adventure and relaxation.

I'm not sure why I am so obsessed with travel, it could have been the effect of watching to many David Attenborough programmes as a child that makes me want to trek trough a rainforest and camp in the savannah! As I got older I realised that I loved cities and their imposing beautiful architecture, and when I eventually started booking my own holidays, I fell for the food and the people I was meeting. You may have heard me mention Marrakech a lot, which is where me and my boyfriend first went away together, it was the perfect holiday, filled with excitement, luxury and a little danger! Since then we have also travelled to Copenhagen, Rome, Prague and Tunisia (Sousse). I have so many wonderful memories and photos I intend to share with you soon!

As well as dreaming of the Mediterranean, I have also been dreaming of the Charlotte Tilbury Norman Parkinson Collection, the vintage packaging is nothing short of stunning! I'm getting so excited for all the beachy looking products coming out! Summer is finally on it's way, and maybe this year I will be brave and beat my fake tan-aphobia!

All in all March has been an ok month, nothing too bad or good, just very hectic. I would like to say thank you my Guest Poster this month Serena at Dusty Foxes Beauty, if you have't visited her blog already you can check it out here! Want to do your own guest post on KBT? Contact me at


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