Guerlain Les Voilettes Mineral and the Importance of the Powder Puff

Have you tried any powders by Guerlain?

How could I refuse to buy this golden pot? It was sitting there so opulent and Guerlain is one of my favourite luxury brands. This story does have a lesson to it though, it's not quite the perfect ending I was hoping for.

Guerlain describe Les Voilettes Mineral as an 'Invisible Skin-Fusion Loose Powder Unifying and Mattifying, The Ultimate Mattifying Touch with a Second-Skin Effect'. Sounds fancy right?

The golden mirror kind of works as a mirror, see me taking the picture?

I bought in the shade rose claire, at first I was worried it would be to dark for my pale skin, but it's actually a lovely match and provides a wonderful glow to my skin. Despite the colour the powder is invisible on the skin as claimed and despite mattifying the skin the look is still radiant and healthy. The powder is so fine it looks completely natural and and a small amount can turn your skin velvet to touch. It even smells beautiful!!!! That signature Guerlain violet scent makes me tingle with excitement wen I use it (I have a thing for violets).

Such a mess!!!!

Now for the downside....A luxurious as the packaging looks from the outside, the inside tells a different story to the gold pot with the engraved logo. Inside the packaging is rather boring and feels a little cheap. It comes with a huge black power puff, although it's soft a puffy, I find it hard to get a decent amount of powder onto the puff making it hard to apply to the face. I prefer to use a brush but even then it can be quite hard to get the powder out without making a mess. The powder can be closed or opened by turning the black cover which is great if you do intend to take it away with you, however be warned it's not that secure.

You can see from the picture there is a lot of powder that has come loose. I closed the powder holes but then forgot to but the puff back in the pot. After taking it to my boyfriends to get ready for a night out, I opened it up only to be engulfed in a cloud of powder!!!! Before the powder puff had prevents the powder from escaping, it's really frustrating as before I couldn't get it out, and now I can't get it back in!!!!

It's not all bad though I can use the powder more effectively to set my makeup now I can get more out of it, but I do loose quite a bit when I do use it. Travelling is also off the table. Luckily it's a big pot and the powder goes a long way. In fact I find loading my brush and then tapping the access into the lid allows me to get the perfect amount of powder so in some ways this accident is good (which is quite bad for a luxury product).

I would definitely recommend the powder, it's just a real shame about the packaging. If your interested it's £35 in most department stores, or £31.50 from Escentual!


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