Guest Post: 5 Product Face by Serena at Dusty Foxes Beauty

Today I have the pleasure of hosting my first guest post by the lovely Serena over at Dusty Foxes Beauty! Like me Serena is quite new to the world of beauty blogging, but she has done some amazing reviews and takes some great pictures! Make sure you check out Dusty Foxes Beauty!

Hello, I'm Serena and I blog over at Dusty Foxes Beauty. One of my hobbies is makeup, the other is sleep. Some mornings these contrast and I end up having to choose between sleeping an extra 10 minutes or spend some time on how I look. 

On these mornings, I rely on my 5 product face to look like I've tried while at the same time getting a few extra minutes in bed.

Here are the 5 products I turn to for a quick and easy makeup look. All these can be used with fingers, which saves me from looking for the right one when I'm just dying to stay in bed. I also choose just 5 products because on mornings like that I prefer to keep things minimal.

I like to start off with the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer for both under my eyes and on any blemishes. I prefer using a beauty blender to blend this all in, but I can also use my fingers or a brush.

After that I use the Maybelline Brow Drama in Medium Brow to give my brows a bit of definition. This just makes my face look a lot more put together and it looks like I put more effort in than I did.

I then move on to eyes. I love to use the Maybelline colour tattoo in on and on bronze to give my eyes a bit of shine and to add some colour to them. I love this as I don't have to worry about priming my eyes and this lasts for a long time on me. 

Mascara is a must nowadays so I put on a bit of the Natural Collection Water Guard Mascara in Black/Brown to give my lashes some length. It's very natural so I don't worry too much about applying it. 

Finally I add on a bit of cream blush in the form of the MUA cream blush in Dolly. I find this to be a great perk-up-the-skin shade and it's easy to apply with fingers. 

I have quite naturally pigmented lips so I don't bother with a lip colour (also because I'm usually finishing breakfast while I head out the door) but I've also used the cream blush on my lips and its quite nice.

Hope this helps some of you who love sleep as much as I do. 

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